Here is your answer to the question about what causes belly fat. Have you ever been in a situation whereby you have to strip one or two clothes? It could be at a beach, pool party or spa. If yes, you will know what it feels to not be able to do so due to an extra skin.

Others will be busy showing off their flat tummy and six packs. But you can’t have fun due to the fear of being laughed at for your belly fat. Know that you are not alone. A lot of people struggle with getting rid of that extra skin. They look for ways to get rid of body fat.

But first, you need to identify the causes so as to proffer a solution. Also, you need to note that prevention is better than cure. So, people need to know what causes belly fat in other to stay away from it. Therefore, we will be talking about what causes belly fat.

However, before we move on we need to know what belly fats really are. This is because most people think belly fat has to do with only fat people. They believe that slim people do not have belly fat. It is, however, important to note that this is a great misconception. Belly fat is not a thing that occurs in only fat people. Even slim people do have belly fat.


Looking for what causes belly fat? First know what Belly Fat is!


Belly fat is the excess body fat that stores around the tummy. It is common in fat people but not only they can have belly fat. There are also some workouts to lose belly fat and for overall fitness that can be done at home but it is also important to know about the causes of belly fat.


What Causes Belly Fat?


There are different belly fat causes and various articles on the internet claim to tell you what causes belly fat. However, we are telling you the 15 things you need to know about what causes belly fat. Here we go!


  1. Consuming much sugar

sugar belly fat

A lot of people are guilty of this from the food and beverages they consume. Some foods with high sugar include candies and cakes. Also, taking much soda with flavored and frozen yogurt causes belly fat.



  1. Eating fatty foods

what causes belly fat

This is another reason what causes belly fat. This should come across to even a layman as a wrong idea. The ‘fatty’ in the name says it all. In other words, to avoid belly fat, one needs to stay away from taking fats.



  1. Having less sleep

belly fat causes

So many people feel that depriving themselves of sleep will help them lose fat. Therefore, they start having less sleep than they need. However, this assertion is wrong. Enough sleep helps the body minimize stress and burn belly fat.



  1. Less protein consumption

Less protein consumption causes belly fat

One of the most important weight gain prevention is protein consumption. By consuming less protein, the calorie intake increases. The protein which is responsible for food breakdown is nonexistent.


  1. Large alcohol consumption

belly fat cause

In humans, alcohol has both advantage and disadvantage. Although, it helps lower heart attack risks but it is also harmful. It can be beneficial when taken in moderation but an excess of alcohol harms the body. Moreover, research has shown that alcohol suppresses fat burning. Also, it is responsible to weaken your bones, you can learn here how to strengthen bones. 


  1. Exercising less

causes of belly fat

It is no news that our body needs to undergo a lot of exercises so as to burn excess belly fat. By living a lazy life with no exercise translates to more belly fat. This is because the body is not able to burn the calories. So exercising is important even less but it is important and if you can’t do heavy workouts, then you must try out simple toning workouts. 




  1. Increase in age

reasons of belly fat


Research has shown that as people grow older, they are more likely to get belly fat. During puberty, the estrogen hormone tells the body to store fat in the thighs and hips. This is getting the body ready for pregnancy. Also, it is very common for women to gain belly fat during menstruation.





  1. It is hereditary

reason of belly fat

One of the sad parts of what causes belly fat is that it is hereditary. In this case, it is not the person’s fault that they have belly fat. So, it looks like there is no solution to it. However, even with hereditary, one can still reduce belly fat.




  1. Low fiber consumption

what are the reasons of belly fat

Fiber has the ability to help burn calories and make one full at the same time. So many people find it difficult to go on a diet. This is because most of the food that is taken does not make one full. Foods that are filling are usually high in calories. However, fibers are filling and have less calories.


  1. Consuming too much food

what are the causes of belly fat

It is important that one feel full after finishing a meal. But the problem arises when you overdo it. Eat till the point of satisfaction not to over satisfaction. The problem about some people is that they eat too much especially when the food is delicious.



  1. Eating late at night

It is understandable that a lot of people go to work and probably returns late at night. Therefore, they just go to the fridge and grab a junk food to eat before bed. However, this is discouraged because it contributes to belly fat. The food will not be able to digest while asleep. An alternative is taking a very light snack.


  1. Fruit juice intake

what are the reasons of belly fat

Fruit juices are not as sugar-free as they come across to be. They do contain a large amount of sugar. Even the ones that claim to be 100% unsweetened do contain sugar.



  1. Cortisol and stress

reasons of belly fat

One of the most important hormonal for human survival is the cortisol. It is also known as the stress hormone. However, it can also lead to weight gain when there is excess production. This affects the belly fat when the production occurs in the belly region.


  1. Intake of trans fats

what are the causes of belly fat

It is not incorrect to say that there are disagreements between medical practitioners on health issues. However, trans fats have been generally agreed to be unhealthy. They are one of the causes of belly fats.



  1. Harmful gut bacteria

what causes belly fat

There are various bacteria present in the gut. Some of them are beneficial while some are harmful. What makes you live healthy is the balance of these bacteria. However, the imbalance of these bacteria is part of what causes belly fat.



Final words:


Prevention is better than cure! As you have identified what causes belly fat and if you avoid these habits you will never need to do heavy workouts to get rid of belly fat. There are some other foods to avoid to lose weight than the listed ones. Also, learn about amazing fitness tips here. Hope you have enjoyed reading it, be healthy and stay blessed!