Red blotches on skin usually appear on arms and hands, but they spread over the whole body if not cured in its early signs. Apart from being the largest and the most exposed organ, our skin is the first line of defense from these kind of skin conditions.

While most times these tiny red spots on skin are harmless but that does not mean you should be careless about it as they can lead to serious danger if not cured earlier. Red spots on skin is one of the common skin problems. This article first describes different causes of red blotches on skin, then a medical treatment and then natural remedies to cure this condition.


Causes of Red blotches on skin:


Here are the most common causes of red blotches on skin:

  • Sunburn

Tanning can give you skin some melanin but too much exposure to the sun can painful the red blotches. And don’t think that any sunscreen will make you immune to this problem. There is only a limit to its working.


  • Allergy

Probably one of the most common causes of itching and the red blotches on skin. Allergy is a typical mechanism of the body to fight and let you know about the harmful substance. Pay attention to details to find the real cause of your allergy, did you brought new carpet, cloth or any toiletries. Find it out and avoid it.


  • Rosacea

Eating spicy food, drinking alcohol, sun exposure, or using particular medication. All of these are a possible cause of this condition. Although the actual cause of rosacea is still not known, all these activities seem to trigger the reaction. And the worse thing about them is most of the time they appear on face and hands only.


  • Acne

Mostly red blotches on face are pretty harmless. A lot of teenagers during puberty experience acne, it may range from mild to severe. They often leave red marks which fade away with time. In a case of severe acne or acne in adult phase, you must consult a dermatologist. Check out how to cure acne.


  • Heat Rash

Clogged pores (usually due to sweat) during summer because of hot and humid weather can cause these red blotches on skin. It is itchy with a tingling sensation, sometimes painful.


  • Contact Dermatitis

It is very much similar to allergic reaction except that it is not due to any immune related irritant. Rather due to repeated exposure to acid or alkali based soap and detergents.


  • Hive

Also a type of rash which can vary in size, these red bumps occur suddenly on the skin and usually because of insect sting or allergies. Sometimes this kind of red blotches on skin are elevated and many times change their position.


  • Unhygienic Condition

If you tend to wear clothes without washing them you are exposing your body to harmful bacteria and fungus. The sweat on clothes allows these bacteria to survive and produce toxins that may cause these blotches.


  • Petechiae

These are blood spots that are caused due bursting of tiny capillaries under the skin. The reason for bursting can be an injury like straining, intense coughing, and sunburn.


  • Bug Bites

These red blotches on skin are always with a bump. Bug bites such as insect-like a mosquito, lice, flea, sand fly or ants (sometimes) when bites trigger an allergic reaction resulting in this bump with strong itching and sometimes pain in the red spots on skin.




Treatment of red blotches on skin


Here is the medical treatment and home remedy to deal with red blotches on skin in an effective way:


  • Medical Treatment

red spots on skin


In a case of severe itching, you should use mild hydrocortisone cream after washing it with water. Most of the time doctor recommends an antihistamine to control the allergic reaction causing the red blotches on skin. But for certain cases, doctors will prescribe the medicine that should work on your skin.


  • Homemade remedies to Counter red spots on skin

These are home remedies to treat red blotches on skin naturally. They are inexpensive and super easy to follow:

  1. Apply ice over the affected area or just dip and towel in cold water and squeeze it a little and keep it over the affected area.
  2. Proper hygiene can prevent many diseases, wash your clothes regularly, follow a routine to keep skin healthy and unclogged.
  3. Use Aloe Vera; it is the nature’s ultimate gift, which keeps skin moist, supple and soothes the skin.
  4. It is recommended to stop exposing skin to the sun and if you have sensitive skin then must use moisturizer for sensitive skin, and use sunscreen, although sunscreen cannot protect your skin if you are spending a lot of time under the sun, however, it will work correctly for a short period.
  5. If an allergy causes red blotches on skin, then make sure to find the cause of allergy to avoid its skin rashes in future.


Warning! What you must not do


A lot of people tend to scratch and rub the affected skin, but this is not the solution. It may even further aggravate the problem.

Do not put oil or any a cream/lotion with an oily base; it will clog pore and compounding the problem.

Avoid self-medication, do not just take any medicine without proper consultation, it may cause more problems than solving them.




What to do if your red blotches are painful?


You can take the mild dose of the ibuprofen to ease the pain but not, too much. Usually, the pain goes away after some time, but in case it comes back, then you must consult a doctor.


Is a diaper rash different from these rashes?


The cause of diaper rash can be moisture, poor-quality diaper, allergies to diaper material, infection or any medicine. They usually stung and caused pain when you change a diaper. We have just not included it in the list because it happens to only kids wearing diapers.

You can quickly take care by changing a diaper brand, reducing a time for wearing a diaper and by applying a mild lotion regularly on the affected area.


Final Words


In the end, you must know that red blotches on skin may or may not be a serious condition, but you need to be careful about the food you eat, hygiene and surrounding. And once you know what triggers the problem, just avoid it.

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There is no general medicine or remedy for red blotches on skin. And, if these red spots on skin persist for more than two days or followed by another symptom like fever or flu, you must consult a doctor to get a full diagnosis. If you find this information useful, do share this article with your friends. Also, comment below and share your experience with us about red blotches on skin.