How to strengthen bones? Strengthening bones is not a very hard. You can do it following the various strategies given below! The world is full of a lot of diseases, such that we have one or two family members suffering from one or two deadly illnesses apart from ourselves. Therefore, we get distracted and barely think of some very important things we need to know to keep ourselves healthy.

A common example, which will be looked at in this article is, knowing how to strengthen bones. A lot of people do not pay attention to how to strengthen their bones because they do not really know how important strong bones are to the body.

Bones are the frame and support of the body. They give the body its shape and posture. From childbirth, there is a continuous breaking and reforming of the bone till a person reaches the peak of his growth. When the growth peak is reached, the person the reverse of the former will begin to occur. The person begins to lose all the formed bone till he dies.

However, the rate at a which a person grows and loses his bone do vary. Some people build a lot of bones during their teenage years while some build a little. This is due to factors like genetics, or diets. Gender also plays a role in that because the male gender mostly build up more bones than the female gender.

However, some female do build up more bones than some males. Also, the rate at which a person builds up bone is inversely proportional to the rate at which they lose it. That is, a person who built a lot of bones in his teenage years will take more time to lose this bone.


How to strengthen bones? Here are the 15 things you need to know!


A person who built little bones will lose it quickly. This gives rise to a disease known as “osteoporosis”. Osteoporosis is a disease that causes weak and brittle bones. It is common in women that has already attained menopause (i.e. beyond 65 years of age) and men beyond 70 years of age.

Although, it occurs in old people, but it is very important that one take preventive steps from a young age. Waiting till it sets in to cure it is a really tough thing to do. Like they say, prevention is better than cure. That is why it is important to read this article and know about how to strengthen bones. As we move on in this article, it will be explained.

People who have experienced osteoporosis will agree with me that it is not a funny experience. They go through a lot of pain due to osteoporosis. But the good part is that we have the ability to influence our bone health. Hence, we can prevent ourselves from osteoporosis.

Below are 15 simple ways you need to know about how to strengthen bones.


1)-Know your source (bone strengthening principle) 


Similar to a lot of medical conditions that is hereditary; osteoporosis also depends on the family history. A person whose grandparents have the disease is likely to have it too. There is a greater probability that the person will have it compared to one with no history. Therefore, ask your parents or grandparents before it is too late.


2)-Exercise a lot


bone strengthening

It is no news that most of the health problems can be cured through regular exercises. Osteoporosis is not an exception on this. Exercises like walking, skipping and running can give you a strong bone. Resistance training like weight lifting is also very good.


3)-Get equipped with vitamin D


Vitamin D and calcium helps in the formation of strong bones. However, calcium cannot work alone without vitamin D. therefore, it is necessary to consume things rich in vitamin D.


4)-Get equipped with potassium


Although, potassium does not aid in the formation of bones, but it contains chemicals that neutralizes the effect of things that damage calcium in the body. Various researches have confirmed its effectiveness. Therefore, it is important that you consume potassium-rich foods like potatoes, bananas and yogurts. There are also some foods to avoid if you want strengthen bones.


5)-Consume a lot of calcium


The function of calcium is similar to that of vitamin D. It helps in the formation of bones and teeth. However, it can’t work alone. Therefore, it works with Vitamin D and aids bone formation.


6)-Don’t leave vitamin K out


While ingesting all the vitamins, it is important that you do not forget Vitamin K. Vitamin K aids the production of proteins, which aids health bone growth.


7)-Cut the caffeine


We can’t dispute the fact that caffeine has some health benefits. However, as far as bones are concerned it only damages it. Various researches have shown that caffeine affects the bone health negatively because it absorbs the calcium in the body. You can still take it, but you need to reduce the consumption to a minimum. Still not clear about how to strengthen bones? keep reading to know more tips about how to strengthen bones.


8)-Say no to alcohol


You don’t need to completely quit alcohol just like caffeine. However, it is important that its consumption is also cut to minimum. This is because alcohol prevents vitamin D from functioning well. A maximum of only one cup can be taken daily. Drinks like alcohol also lead you to belly fat.

9)-Break up with smoking


Like caffeine, smoking also absorbs calcium from the body. One of the most important way to strengthen bones is avoiding smoking. Avoid smoking and you will see good results!


10)-Cut the salt short


Although, it is necessary to add salt to food, but, it is important to reduce its consumption, it is recommended to use salt as well because it helps your body building in many ways. However, try to reduce its consumption.


11)-Romance the sun


Another answer to how to strengthen bones is intake of vitamin D. The morning sun produces Vitamin D, where aids bone formation. Therefore, sun bathing won’t be bad after all for the building of your body.


12)-Protein! Protein! Protein!


Apart from calcium and the vitamins, protein is also essential to the bone health. It aids the formation of healthy bones. Increase your protein consumption for a strong and healthy bone.


13)-Don’t forget your fruits and veggies


The required Calcium and vitamins needed by the body can be easily gotten through the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Consuming a lot of these will help you meet your daily requirements.

14)-Make nuts your friends


Nuts contain calcium, protein and other required vitamins for a strong bone. It is advisable to consume them in large amounts daily. How to strengthen bones is a question that everybody considers in some part of their life. But, according to research it is important to take care about these things from the younger age. Pistachios amazingly helps you to strengthen bones.


15)-Cut the soda


Soda does not only damage the teeth, but also damages bone health. Drinking too much soda will put you at the risks of getting osteoporosis. You can strengthen your bones saying good bye to soda drinks. At this point, we have cleared your query about how to strengthen bones.


Final words


Your body is always striving to build the new bones naturally, and you can help this out with the above mentioned tips like smart food choices, avoiding alcohol and smoking, doing regular exercise, and few supplements.

How to strengthen bones, the same question I had once and the tips given here are simply similar ones I utilize and got amazing results and that’s why I am recommending these amazing strategies to strengthen bones to everyone. These strategies work for us, and we think you will see they will be a major help for you, as well.

Hope you have liked this article about how to strengthen bones. You may also like to learn about some of the best fitness tips here. Comment below for any recommendations and if you try these tips let us know your experience. SHARING IS CARING! Share this article with your friends from the share buttons below!