How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy? Are you also looking for an answer to this question? You are at right place!  When you are about to your second trimester of pregnancy and already have enough worries about labor and coming responsibilities.

Suddenly, you start to worry about that tension and itchy feeling around your belly! That is exactly the very early sign for stretch marks that affect about 90 percent of pregnant women. However, if you are not affected by this problem yet and worried about it, in that case, you need to take its symptoms seriously and try to cure it as early as possible.

And if you are already having this problem then don’t worry it can be cured by following a perfect guide. This article aims to tell you various ways how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Before moving forward, first, understand what stretch marks are? And what are its symptoms? Doing so, it will be easy to prevent these stretch marks. So, here we go!

Looking for how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy? First, understand what Stretch marks are!


The stretch marks are narrow streaks that usually appear on the buttocks, abdomen, breasts, thighs and hips. Begin as purple or red shade and by the time they become pale and less noticeable. The stretch marks are common in pregnant women during the last trimester.

These stretch marks are formed in middle layer of skin. Due to the fast stretching during the pregnancy, the layers tears, and leave the stretch marks. This happens when the skin cannot bounce back after a time of the intense growth due to puberty, weight gain or pregnancy. At this stage, weight gain also leads to hypothyroid symptoms in women.

Other than pregnancy period, the extreme weight loss can also generate the stretch marks and these marks also generate as result of the acute trauma affecting the skin.

Researches have revealed that the more of stretch marks happens during pregnancy the more likely it is that internal adhesions are present that may complicate the surgery process. Also, hormones rush during the pregnancy that softens the pelvic ligaments and increases their flexibility.

Hormones also soften skin fiber, giving an increased risk of stretch marks. The stretch marks started to appear on the skin as your baby grows and sometimes occur in the skin covering the breasts and thighs.

However, it is not a big danger and stretch marks are not harmful or painful, but people feel distressed about the way they make their skin look. Continue Reading the article to figure out how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.


Symptoms of stretch marks – preventing pregnancy stretch marks:


how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy


It seems likely to have the stretch marks if you are going through one or more of these cases:

  • Your mother had stretch marks

Yes, genetics can affect the nature of your whole body and the stretch marks are no exception if your mother suffered from stretch marks it could be because her skin naturally lacks elastin and it can possibly effect you if have the same type of skin.

  • You’ve gained much weight before or during pregnancy

You should gain weight gradually, and need to slow down with your increasing appetite; recommended amount you should gain is 25 to 40 pounds if you have normal weight in pre-pregnancy. In case you have gained much more weight than this range, then it is likely to have stretch marks during pregnancy.

  • You already have since puberty

The hormonal changes can share in increasing the fragility of skin, making it more prone to tearing, if you still see scars from your teen years on your breasts, hips, and buttocks. Then stretch marks can appear in your pregnancy period.

  • You’re carrying twins or a big baby, and you have excess amniotic fluid

Yes, these are also symptoms of stretch marks during pregnancy if you are having twins or big baby inside. However, despite these signs, you’ll still probably want to do everything you can to prevent stretch marks.

Along with these symptoms, also read the stages of stretch marks.




Stretch marks stages


Stage 1: The early stretch marks will appear pink in color, and can be itchy. The skin around stretch marks may also look immediately thin and flatten.

Stage 2: Stretch marks will enlarge in width and length and become purple in color.

Stage 3: At the time when stretch marks have matured, they lose their pink /reddish color. In the months after the pregnancy period, the stretch marks will start to pale, fade and turn into white color. They may also appear a little irregular in shape.

Finally, given below are the different ways how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy:


how to prevent pregnancy stretch marks


Prevention is better than cure, especially in the case of stretch marks, once you get them in a serious condition then the only way to get them away is the leaser treatment, and it’s very costly and takes much time to see results. However, there are also simple home remedies and lotions available to cure this problem if not in a serious condition.

Mentioned below are the different ways including home remedies and medical treatments giving you the right answer to how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy:

Moisturize the targeted areas with Shea butter


Shea butter is the best for stretch marks. Apply Shea butter on the affected area. You can mix the Shea butter with vitamin E or Cocoa butter to obtain the better results. Daily moisturizing of Shea butter will help to get rid of dryness and skin itching associated with the pregnancy.

Note: Apply this Shea butter two times a day on the affected area of skin and keep that routine from the beginning of the second half of pregnancy period.

Nourish the skin from inside


Here is how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy by nourishing the skin from inside. It is helpful to nourish the skin from inside to get rid of stretch marks. In this case, you can consume foods with vitamin C in a large quantity in your diet. Why do that? It will nourish your skin from inside. Nourishing skin from inside also works for people facing lyme disease.

Also, consider the foods with vitamin A like sweet potato, squash, mango, carrot. These foods renew the tissues of your skin.

And the foods that contain omega (3) like fish, eggs, oyster, and walnuts.  These foods make your skin glow.

Note: Don’t eat fish high in Mercury and don’t over consume mercury in any form especially in the pregnancy period as it leads to the brain damage and developmental delays.


Stay hydrated


You should consume too much water as well, despite the repeated urination. You should consume at least 10 cups of water daily that is approximately equal to 2.3 liters.

To stay hydrated, drink the herbal tea. Take tea that is low in caffeine. It will help your body stay hydrated and can break the boredom of drinking only water every day.

Also, consider eating watery vegetables and fruits. Eating the vegetables that contain a lot of water is another great way to be hydrated. Eat the big cut salads that are filled with celery, cucumbers and fresh bell peppers. The watery fruits are watermelon, honeydew, and strawberry. These foods will also help you stay away from different diseases like Aids.

Also, the sulfur is one of the main building blocks for collagen production. A research revealed that animals that eat a low sulfur diet produce less collagen than those who had adequate levels of sulfur.

Sulfur can be found in the egg, meat and the cruciferous vegetables like sprouts, kale, Brussel, and cabbage.

Watch your weight


Keep an eye on your weight in the pregnancy period and put pounds on slow and steady rather than in great sports. As discussed earlier your weight will be increased during pregnancy but you should follow general recommendations for calorie intake in your pregnancy period.

Use serums


Using serum is another home remedy that helps to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. All things considered, it is recommended to consider home remedies to prevent stretch marks instead of going for medical treatment. However, if stretch marks are increasing and causing your more damage and you feel pain. Then, you must take doctor’s advice.

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Final Words:


If you are also affected by stretch marks during pregnancy, no need to worry about that! It is usually not a serious problem as it doesn’t cause you any harm or pain. However, in very rare cases it becomes a real problem. Yes, if you keep ignoring this skin problem it can turn into the serious issue and can damage your skin.

All things considered, if you follow the instruction given above to prevent stretch marks you will never face this issue anymore. Again, here is how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy: It is recommended to consider the home remedies to cure these stretch marks like apply the moisturizing oils such as Shea butter, nourishing skin from inside by eating the specific recommended foods and taking care of your increasing weight.

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So, you got the answer to your question: “how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy”! Use these methods if you unfortunately ever experience this problem and share your experience with us. Share this article with your friends if you found this information useful.