How to prevent head lice? This question can be answered after you understand what are head lice? Identify its possible causes to know how to get rid of head lice. One of the most mundane, yet disturbing, problems about kids these days is not about the early relationship, but lice infestation.

Yes, folks. Boy or girls, children with ages 4 to 11, even older, are infected with lice that could potentially cause a lot of problems. But before proceeding into the symptoms and causes of the problem, how to get rid of head lice, it is essential that you know what head lice are first.


What is Head Lice and How to Prevent Head Lice?


The head lice are tiny parasitic insects, about a size of the sesame seed, which lives in the human hair. These insects feed on the blood of the victim from the scalp. A Head louse is the fully-grown adult insect. Those that are still in those very tiny, flake-like forms are the lice nits or eggs.

These insects do not cause extreme harm other than the itchy scalp, a slight amount of blood loss (very unnoticeable), and annoyance. These tiny creatures can stay in your hair for a long time. There are many ways on how to prevent head lice, but still, they are very frustrating and difficult to eradicate.

Female head lice can lay about eight eggs or nits a day with each egg hatching within six to nine days. Once hatched, these eggs will grow to become adult lice in just a matter of seven days. However, as quick as they grow, head lice can only survive for up to four weeks with proper blood supply and can only last two days without blood as food.




Learn What Causes Head Lice to Prevent Head Lice


If you know what causes head lice then it will be easy for you to stop head lice. In many cases, head lice problems spread easily. It is because these insects are highly contagious. It is also one of the reasons why methods on how to stop head lice increasing in numbers.

There are many ways how a person can get infected by head lice. Here are the some of the most common ways:

  • Head to head contact between individuals – Children love to play and sometimes it is common that a child bumps or touches head with another child. If the other child has a head lice infestation, then there is a very high possibility that the other child will get head lice as well.
  • Sharing items between people – Sharing is an excellent value to uphold. However, sharing can also get a child infested with head lice. If personal combs, brushes, headbands, hats, even headphones, and another item that meets hair, then, head lice transfer can occur.
  • Cloth someone with lice uses – When towels, bed sheets, blanket, and other fabric used by someone with head lice gets utilized by another person, the second user may catch the head lice. Borrowing of towels is a common scenario and when it gets out of hand, how to prevent head lice may just become an issue.

Moreover, If your child goes to school and loves to play with others, there is a high chance that he/she, females most commonly, will end up catching head lice. Hence, it is important that you always remind him/her to be careful. There are also many methods how to avoid head lice, but not all may work.

You should also take care as well because even though children are the most prone, female adults can still catch the menaces. It is also important to identify head lice symptoms to better understand how to stop head lice.


Head Lice Symptoms:


Yes, identifying the symptoms is important to avoid head lice. There are a lot of ways how you can tell that a person has the head lice. The most common symptom is itching.

When lice bite into the scalp, they release an enzyme that prevents the punctured area from clotting that may cause an allergic reaction, hence the itching. However, itching alone is not reliable because dandruff is also itchy.

Another symptom that you can look into is that feeling that something seems to be moving on in your hair. If you feel or your child says that there appeared to be something moving in their hair, you can check it out and if there are lice, plan out how to prevent head lice.

You can consider rashes at back of your neck and near the ear. Head lice love those places, so if you see any rash, immediately check it out.

One way of checking out if you have lice or your child has head lice is to do detection combing. What you are going to do is comb through the hair using the fine-toothed comb with very packed spacing to avoid head lice from passing through.


Tips on How to Stop Head Lice:


There are a lot of ways available on how to prevent head lice. However, the effectiveness of each method still depends on the person and per case-to-case basis. Given below are some steps that you should consider to prevent head lice from spreading to you:

  • Avoid sharing any item you use on your hair with another person. No matter what the reason is, if you can, do not let anyone else use your comb, brush, headband and any other item.
  • If your child is still too young, always emphasize not to share her comb with anyone. Head lice can transfer with sharing hair items. Avoiding this can help you on how to prevent head lice.
  • Avoid head to head contact. If you can avoid having head to head contact with anyone, then, you must do so. One of the fastest and surefire methods of lice transfer is through direct head contact. If you want to know how to prevent head lice, avoiding or lessening physical head contact is a must-know.
  • Another tip included in how to stop head lice is to avoid sharing towels, pillows, closets, etc. If you have children, keep their things separate to decrease the chance of spreading. If you’re a teenager living in a dorm or sleeping over, avoid sharing your pillow with someone or using someone else’s pillow. Also, sharing such items can also cause acne problems.
  • They may have head lice. You must also avoid sharing closets where head lice from a person’s clothing or towel can transfer to yours. It is an important tip to avoid head lice.




Head Lice Treatment:


how to get rid of head lice


In case, you find your child has head lice, or you have head lice, here are some of the tips presenting how to prevent head lice from spreading even more:

  • Medications – There is over-the-counter and prescription medicine available for preventing or treating head lice, especially those that are already extreme.
  • Combing – There is a special comb specially designed for those who wish to know how to prevent head lice or treat existing conditions. These combs are super fine and are used to comb the head lice out of your hair from the scalp to the tips. You may have to do that process repetitively and not just one night.
  • Lice shampoos – Another method you can use on how to prevent head lice is by using lice shampoos. These lice shampoos are specially made to kill and wash off lice and nits from your hair. However, some of these shampoos may cause dry hair in return.

If you are  one with sensitive skin, then lice problem can give more trouble to you.




Final Words:


So, you have got your answer about how to avoid head lice or stop head lice. Also know that lice don’t have to be a source of your frustrations if you know how to prevent the infestation and treat existing ones. There are many methods available. If, by chance, the outbreak remains despite all your efforts, then consult experts on what to do.

So, understand how to prevent head lice to live a lice free life! Just carefully follow the above explained prevention tips to avoid head lice. You may like to know about the most common skin problems. Also, Share this article with your friends because SHARING IS CARING!