How to prevent cradle cap? Do you also have this question? If yes, you’ve arrived at right place. The article is based on the information about what is cradle cap, what causes cradle cap, and finally how to prevent cradle cap.

After months of bloating and unending pain, there is nothing as beautiful as finally holding that little creature in your hand. Apart from the fact that you get relieved of a heavy load as a mother, you also feel the extreme excitement of having someone you can call yours.

There is special love and feeling you catch. However, you as a mother are not the only one that catches this extreme feeling. Even if a mother’s love is usually the greatest of them all.

This is because these little creatures are always too innocent for a lot of people to feel otherwise. So, if you find any sign of cradle cap in your baby, you need to figure out how to prevent cradle cap.

Now imagine how you will feel if something bad happens to this amazing creature you adore. It could be a light dent in the skin or a heavy hit on the head. Not happy right? This is how a lot of mothers feel when their kids have cradle cap, a common condition in infants.

That is why it is important that you know about how to prevent cradle cap in your kids. You don’t have to wait till it happens before you start learning about it. As you go ahead in this article, you are going to learn a lot about what cradle cap is and how to prevent cradle cap.


Looking for how to prevent cradle cap? First learn what is Cradle Cap?


Cradle cap is a skin condition that occurs in babies, making them develop crusty, scaly and discolored patches over their body. However, it is called seborrheic dermatitis in medicine. But a lot of people call it cradle cap, especially the lay men.

Although, it is named cradle cap, but can occur in other parts of the body apart from the scalp. It not only occurs in infants but also toddlers.

This condition looks like dandruff, but it is more severe. It starts by first noticing that a part of your baby’s scalp is red, and covered with scaly and discolored patches.

As time goes on, these scales will easily rub off when touched, taking bits of hair along with it. It may even go as far as covering the entire baby’s scalp.

Like it was stated above, it can also occur on other parts of the body like the face, armpits, nose and even the private parts. That is why the name seborrheic dermatitis is justified for not restricting it to only the cap.

Although it is common in babies that are less than 8 months old, it also affects toddlers and older babies. It has a likelihood of appearing when your baby is about 2 months old and may remain there for as short as a week to a month. The condition may look unpleasant to the eyes.

However, it does not have any implication on the baby’s health. It is neither itchy nor causes discomfort. Still, as parents, you won’t wait and observe such not so sight-friendly condition on your baby without doing anything to eliminate it. That is why it is important to prevent it before it appears on your baby’s body.


Causes of Cradle Cap


Before moving forward to our main topic how to prevent cradle cap, let’s figure out what causes cradle cap. If you know what causes cradle cap and you avoid these habits then you will never need to worry about this health problem in future.

Doctors are not sure of a cause yet. But, there are theories regarding the cause of cradle cap. It was said that cradle cap may be caused by genetics or heredity. If a baby is born into a family with allergies like eczema and some other skin conditions, he is likely to develop cradle cap. Such baby is also likely to develop dandruff and other seborrheic dermatitis conditions when older.

It is also thought that it occurs due to left over hormones in the baby’s body from before birth. These hormones are responsible for stimulating oil glands secretion in the skin. The skin cells then react by sticking to the scalp. However, the secretion will continue to reduce until the cradle cap clears up.




How to Prevent Cradle Cap?


prevent cradle cap


Although a specific cause by doctors for cradle cap has not yet been discovered, doctors have recommended some methods on how to prevent cradle cap. Some of these methods how to prevent cradle cap are listed below:

  • Regular washing

Since cradle cap has been said to originate from oily skin, an easily thought out prevention should be eliminating the oiliness. Therefore, shampooing the baby’s head regularly will prevent such occurrence. However, overdoing it is highly discouraged by medical practitioners. Therefore, it is advisable to shampoo the baby’s hair about twice to thrice weekly.

  • Increase your Biotin intake

According to University of Maryland Medical Center, biotin aids the development of healthy skin and embryo. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are usually advised to increase their biotin intake due to its importance.

Although, it is produced naturally in the body, but pregnant women are sometimes found to be biotin deficient. Also, it is important to maintain vitamin B1 in the body. However, there is no evidence that proves its work-ability. Therefore, there is no guarantee that it will work. Continue reading to figure out more ways how to prevent cradle cap.

  • Shampoo with class

If you used the normal shampoo to prevent cradle cap and it doesn’t work, all you have to do is take a step further. There are medicated shampoos that are especially for such conditions. Although, you might not be able to use the adult shampoo, so as not to hurt your baby, but you have a better option.

There are medicated shampoos for infants too. Some of these shampoos are specially made to treat cradle cap. To be on the safer side, contact your doctor before using it.

You may be wondering on what makes this shampoo more effective than other normal shampoos. This is because it contains powerful ingredients like Selenium, Zinc, Salicylic acid, resocin, coal tar, ketoconazole, and corticosteroids.




  • Regular brushing

Another method of how to prevent cradle cap is to brush regularly. Like shampooing is very important, brushing is also very important. It is advisable to brush during and after shampooing the baby’s head. All you have to do is massage the baby’s head gently as you shampoo it.

This will help remove the scales on his head. However, it is not advisable to pick on the scales as some people do. This can easily irritate the baby’s skin and may lead to infections. An alternative is using a towel for scraping.

  • Rub with oil

An alternative to shampooing is oiling the baby’s hair. You can apply oils like olive oil, mineral oil or petroleum jelly on the baby’s head. These oils have even been proved to be effective in adults in treating dandruff. It also makes it silkier and oilier.

However, medical practitioners were not able to come to a consensus on how long the oil should stay on the baby’s head before washing it off. The recommendations vary from as short as a minute to several hours. To the extent that some even said leaving it overnight is better.

Anyway, make sure you wipe it off with a wash cloth. You can also shampoo after, as recommended by some sources. Still not clear about how to prevent cradle cap, here is a natural remedy given below.

  • Natural remedies

The remedy to most of the conditions today is natural. A little bit of fruit might save you from a long hospital queue. Some parents use teas like chamomile, comfrey root, and others. An author once suggested using cocoa butter as a skin softener.

This will soften the skin and make brushing very easy. You can also use almond oil or marigold. The effectiveness of this has not been proved yet. Therefore, it is advisable to thread with caution while applying these oils.

  • See an expert

It is no news that self-medication is mostly harmful to the health. Although, cradle cap is not a health threatening condition, but the use of a mixture of different substances might damage the health and cause a new disease or infect the baby. Therefore, it is recommended that you see an expert doctor or pharmacist to help you out.

The doctor might recommend hydrocortisone cream, used to counter inflammation and reddening. However, you can pick it up directly from a pharmaceutical store. Hydrocortisone is known for its strong ability to combat skin illnesses.

  • Fungal treatment

Fungal treatment is another method included in the list of how to prevent cradle cap. Observations have shown that there is the notable response to anti-fungal treatments on some cradle cap. You can use anti-fungal treatments to eliminate cradle cap.

Some of these anti-fungal drugs include Lotrimin, Lamisil, and Nizoral. The antifungal treatment taken by adults is quite different from this though. But no matter the situation, a doctor should give the go ahead before these anti-fungal treatments are used.

  • Time will sort it out

The unpleasant sight of cradle cap on your baby’s child may reduce your patient level to zero. However, you need to be patient when dealing with cradle cap. If your child is already showing signs of cradle cap, you need to be patient after trying the methods above.

Even without using anything, the cradle cap will eventually go on its own. Therefore, all you have to be is patient. At this point, you must be clear about your question how to prevent cradle cap. These prevention tips will help you achieve your goal to prevent cradle cap.

Quick tips:

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Final Words


After understanding what is cradle cap, its cause and how to prevent cradle cap. Hope you have find answers to your questions. Like we stated earlier, it is important for you to know how to prevent cradle cap. This is in other to prevent its occurrence.

As for parents with their babies already suffering from this condition, it is never too late. You can also apply the tips explained above on your baby.

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Comment below your experience reading this article. Also, let us know if you have any questions about this article. We will love help you out!