Can you avoid getting bruises? Of course not! They happen to be an essential part of our daily life. The reason you are here is that you are looking for how to get rid of bruises fast. Well, we have all learned to live with knocks and bumps simply because they are inevitable.

Slipping and crashing into furniture or a closed door is the norm, not, necessarily, because you’re clumsy but due to natural accident occurrences as well. Yes, accidents happen, earning you bruises, and we all want to learn how to get rid of bruises fast!

Walking around with bruises can be very embarrassing, particularly if they choose to decorate your face or neck! For instance, a black eye will definitely provoke people to stare and ask you what happened. That’s when you get the feeling that you’d rather not say and just want to know how to get rid of bruises fast to avoid all the embarrassment.

Well, read on and get better acquainted with your bruises to ensure their prompt elimination.

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Here is How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast


A bruise is a name given to a very well-known skin injury which distinctly discolors the skin. When we crash into something or…something decides to crash into us, blood cells lying deep in the affected area are damaged causing blood to leak out and gather near the skin’s surface.

This is what the black and blue mark we end up seeing are all about; making us very upset and anxious to know how to get rid of bruises fast.


Causes of bruises:

  • Athletes and body builders incur bruises because of their intense physical activities; people engaged in strong exercise get bruises due to miniature tears in blood vessels beneath the skin.
  • Medicines, like aspirin, which tend to thin the blood will also produce bruises in people taking them. You can read aspartame poisoning symptoms here.
  • Sometimes people tend to get a bruise without actually remembering how; this can occur when you’re in too much of a hurry to notice or maybe on a midnight excursion to the bathroom, crashing against the bedside cabinet on the way!
  • Also, people suffering from bleeding disorders may incur bruises for no apparent reason; if you experience bruising and have a bleeding nose or gums issue, then you, most certainly, need to consult a doctor.
  • People in their old age usually get bruises very easily due to the fact that skin tends to get thinner with age. Body tissues supporting blood vessels beneath the skin become weak.

Even if bruises have the habit of appearing and disappearing of their own accord, they are a complete and utter nuisance! So, if you are determined to learn how to get rid of bruises fast, just continue reading.

Even though it is often agreed that getting rid of a bruise in its entirety isn’t always possible as our body usually works on its own; there are still some reliable methods of aiding the body to enhance its natural healing processes.

From instructions given below you can figure out how to heal bruises fast. Let’s have a closer look at what these recommended techniques have to offer in how to get rid of bruises fast.


How to get rid of bruises fast: 5 Ways


1) Apply ice to heal bruises fast


How to get rid of bruises quickly


This is the very first thing you need to know if you want to succeed in dealing with the requirement of how to get rid of bruises fast.

Applying ice helps to lessen the swelling and quicken the healing process; this will also prevent the bruise from enlarging. Here’s how you go about doing this:

  • Put some chips of ice in a zip lock plastic bag or, if you’re in a hurry, pull out a bag of frozen veggies from the freezer! Cover the bag with a towel and place it on the bruise. Sports enthusiasts certainly know how to get rid of bruises fast; they keep ready-made gel-filled ice packs with them since, for them, bruise encounters are unavoidable!
  • Keep cooling the bruise for about 15 minutes, then let it rest for about 45 minutes before re-applying the ice-bag. Trying to over freeze it will only result in your incurring frostbite, so take it easy.


2) Elevate the wound to heal bruises fast


Make use of gravity to try to lessen the flow of blood to the bruised area; getting the afflicted area higher than your heart will stop blood from accumulating there and the bruise from highlighting its colors. Follow these steps and you will effectively learn how to get rid of bruises fast:

  • If you have a leg bruise, for example, don’t try to hang your leg up with a rope. No. Just relax and lie down on a bed or anything comfortable, gather a few pillows under your leg because a few inches above your heart is all that is required.
  • In the case of an arm bruise, don’t try to stretch your arm upwards. Ouch! That hurts. Sit down on a sofa and lay your arm on the armrest or prop up a few pillows underneath; keep the bruised area at level with your heart or above it.
  • If it’s neither your arms nor legs and not even your head! Just your body, stay away from the above-mentioned strategies and resort to the icing procedure.




3) Take pain-killers to heal bruises fast


How to get rid of bruises quickly? The answer is “pain killers”. Yes, taking pain-killers is a good idea if the bruise is unbearably painful. Use something like acetaminophen or ibuprofen; using aspirin would only make things worse as it happens to be a blood-thinner.

When getting acquainted with how to get rid of bruises quickly, don’t forget to obey the rules; pay careful attention to the recommended dose and don’t overdose to rid yourself of your misery.


4) Take a break


An increase in physical activity will lead to an increase in blood flow to the bruised area. Don’t complicate matters for yourself; if you truly want to grasp the whole concept of understanding how to get rid of bruises fast, know that your bruise needs to heal so give yourself a break.

  • Try to Get your laptop, read something, concentrate on doing something, anything, that doesn’t require you to stress your muscles.
  • Increase your sleeping hours; you definitely need this as this clearly aids body repair.


5) Seek doctor’s advice to heal bruises fast 


This is essentially a very important part of knowing how to get rid of bruises fast. Bruises don’t really pose a health danger and can be easily handled at home. However, there are certain signs which may give a dangerous indication. Signs which will require you to seriously consult a doctor are as follows:

  • You’re getting bruises without having gone through any sort of accident.
  • You are developing a fever and your bruise appears infectious; it’s turning red or pus is flowing out of it.
  • If you feel there is pressure building up around the area of the bruise, this could very well be an indication of compartment syndrome; this reduces blood flow and oxygen to and from the affected area. You need a doctor fast as this is fatal!

Is it possible to get rid of bruises overnight? Yes, it is! But how to get rid of bruises in 24 hours? If you follow the above-recommended treatments, you can surely heal bruises fast.

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Final words of How to Get Rid of Bruises Quickly


Now that you have become a lot more knowledgeable and pride yourself in knowing exactly how to get rid of bruises fast but are still unfortunate enough to be always bumping and crashing into things; not to mention getting involved in foolish squabbles earning you black eyes. Consider giving yourself a break from all the abuse.

When you watch a bruise change color from a dark red-purple to a yellow-green to a golden brown to what seems forever! There’s no need for you to be grief-stricken anymore as you are now more aware of how to get rid of bruises fast. Want to know leukocytosis causes or leukocytosis symptoms? You can read about most common diseases and their treatments here at common health conditions.

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