Cellulite, also known as orange-peel skin, mainly affects the hips, buttocks, and abdomen. However, it can also occur in other areas like belly, upper arms or even in breasts. The causes behind the dimpling of the skin are still a mystery to the experts.

It may seem to be a tough task as to how to get rid of that orange-peel skin. But luckily there are a few things you can do to reduce the cellulite. Reducing this cellulite effect will require some serious changes. To reduce this effect, a commitment to proper eating habits along with the use of effective products is required to speed up the process.

Out of so many products available in the market, finding the best one can be a tough task. Pick a cream which is rich in cellulite-fighting ingredients such as Caffeine and Retinol A. For Example, Dermology anti cellulite cream is a mix of all cellulite-fighting ingredients, and very safe and easy to use.

Read on to know few anti-cellulite tips that can help you get rid of cellulite effectively.

  1. Say no to Sugar


Sugar produces insulin which further stimulates the production of cellulite. Therefore, you should avoid sugary food and lower the usage of sugar in your diet.


  1. Stay Hydrated


Keep yourself hydrated and drink about 8-10 glasses of water every day. Hydration is the key to make that skin look less lumpy as water will help out in flushing out all the toxins. Drink pure and clean water. Eat water-based foods to keep yourself hydrated. Avoid coffee and tea and have fresh vegetable juice.


  1. Stay Active


If you actually want to reduce the appearance of the cellulite, there can be nothing better than physical activity. Keep moving and sweating as running is the best sport for burning fats. Do cardio workouts. Take up water-based sports for better results.


  1. Dietary Changes


Diet can make a huge difference and help you a lot in getting rid of the cellulite. Eat healthy omega-3 fats; include plenty of antioxidant-rich food in your diet. Drink 2-3 cups of green tea.


  1. Stop using skin thinning creams


Avoid using skin thinning steroids creams. Instead nourish your skin with natural oil such as olive oil, coconut oil or a natural cream such as Dermology anti cellulite cream. You can apply the cream or the oil directly to the affected area. Dermology cream contains important ingredients that help in improving the texture of the skin. It does not have any smell and will not let the skin feel greasy.


  1. Wear comfortable underwear


Wearing restrictive underwear can also cause you cellulite. To prevent the cellulite you should wear loose fitting underwear. Wearing a thong may help. Also, never wear tight clothes as it compresses the body tissues. Always wear comfortable clothes.


  1. Dry Brushing


Dry brushing is the technique of brushing the skin with a dry brush in a particular pattern. It helps in removing the toxins from the body and promotes toned skin. Do it before showering.


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Melissa Mellie is a skincare expert by profession. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with people. She regularly contributes her write ups to health or skin care related websites and blogs. In her free time she loves to travel, fashion shows and music.