Have you lost confidence to mingle with people due to flaws in your dental condition? Are you feeling the pain and stress while having food? Well, gone are the days that you should hide in the corner of your room staying away from the crowd or feel the unbearable pain of your teeth. With the help of restorative dentistry you will get your confidence back and you can prevent dental pain as well.

You can do restoration of your teeth to prevent dental diseases and conditions. Depending on the health of your teeth a dentist will decide what kind of restoration you need. So first, you need to consult with a professional dentist and then he or she can conduct your restorative dentistry process according to your needs.

Types of Restoration That Can Be Done

Depending on your tooth condition, the restoration process is selected, and with your artificial teeth you can bite the piece of meat with more strength or flaunt your smartness with a wide smile. However, a little understanding of various methods can give you some idea of the process.

#1. Dental Implants – Many dentists are encouraging their patient to do this type of restorative dentistry where an artificial tooth is implanted after the broken teeth are extracted out. The false teeth implants are fixed with the jawbone that is under the gums and provides support to the tooth bridges and the dentures.


#2. Dental Bridges – If you have missing teeth, your dentist may suggest going for dental bridges as a method of restorative dentistry. A false tooth that is held by crowns is used in this process. One can have false teeth made up of alloys, gold or porcelain as per their budget.


#3. Porcelain Veneers – If you have broken, cracked or chipped teeth then you can use the veneers dental restoration process to correct them.  A thin layer of porcelain is applied as a bond to the broken or the cracked portion of the teeth to repair the area. The porcelain bond is either done chemically or physically. The dentist matches the teeth color and adjusts the color of the bond so that no one can make out the difference between the natural tooth and the artificial one.


#4. Dental Crown – It is another restorative dentistry where a broken or decayed tooth is given a new lease of life. Often the tooth that can be seen above the jaw gets decayed, but the root stays inside in good condition. A dental crown is implanted to cover the area above the gum to strengthen the broken teeth.


#5. Root Canal Therapy – It may so happen that the teeth above looks quite good or is broken and one is experiencing pain inside. In this type of cases, the dentist suggests the patient go for the root canal therapy as a method of restorative dentistry where the nerve points at the base of the root are inactivated and crowning and capping is done.


#6. Porcelain Crowns – If you have metal fillings that are dark in color porcelain crowns are using as a method of restorative dentistry as a method to hide the color of the lining so that the teeth do not look ugly. But to choose the best dental restoration process, you have to rely on the dentists and they can only suggest you the best possible treatment as per your budget and convenience.


Final Words


With restorative dentistry, people are getting back the smile on their face and mixing with others more confidence. Dental defects are being corrected with ease using these advanced technologies. They are a boon for everybody as almost everyone suffers from dental problems sometime or other in their life.