Foods to avoid to lose weight! Shocked reading 30 foods to avoid to lose weight? Well, let us clarify, it doesn’t mean you need to totally stop eating the listed foods. But, instead, some foods are the basic need of us but cause problems when consumed in a large quantity. In this case, you need to limit the usage of these foods if you don’t need to end up with a fat belly.

Growing up comes with a lot of liberty; you get to do whatever you want and however, you want it. Feeding is probably one area most grown-ups have made a mess of.

Pizza for breakfast; fast food for lunch; Cola and snacks (or any other junk in the fridge or cupboard)-this or something similar is just the exact meal plan for most people, perhaps even you.

Unfortunately such high calorie food which are often “unavoidable” for many of us often cause more harm than good. If you are currently one of those hoping to shred some weight, but still unable to control what passes through their lips, then you are still walking in circles.

It is more likely that you will end up adding more tonne soon (if you haven’t already). You must be aware of certain foods to avoid to lose weight.

Shredding some weight is not usually easy. Most people have to subject themselves to rigorous routines or fitness programs, which are often painful. While some this methods work wonders, your level of success with any of them can also be limited by your feeding habit.

Eating some foods can derail you effort in your quest to avoid the man boobs or the muffin tops which are dreaded by most adults. Referring to foods to avoid to lose weight, modern science has done a lot in teaching us what to eat for a healthy weight but it seems, not much attention has been given on what not to eat.

It is still possible to age gracefully and remain fit without involving in any high-intensity workouts (although they are good). Here are 30 foods to avoid to lose weight without much effort.


30 foods to avoid to lose weight


1- Cola


foods to avoid when losing weight


If there is any soft drink that you must avoid at all cost, it is the cola family (Pepsi, Fanta, Mirinda, Coke, and their likes). They contain life-threatening ingredients which do not only contribute to belly fat but can also affect your general well-being.


2- Bacon


Bacon is one of the breakfast foods to avoid to lose weight. They contain a lot of saturated fat which not only contributes to weight gain but also makes you susceptible to heart disease. It can also make you age faster.


3-  Coffee


Coffee drinks with artificial sweeteners can potentially increase the level of glucose in the body, more than the limit the body insulin can process, thereby leading to the storage of excess fat in the body.


4- Rice


Everyone likes rice. But do you know that a lot of white rice is not good for someone who wants to shed some pounds? White rice contains fewer nutrients than brown rice and also takes less time to process by the body, thus when consumed in excess, it can increase your blood sugar.


5- Grapes


Grapes taste really good. No doubt, they are healthy. But they also contain a lot of sugar. Taking them without pairing with protein can increase your blood sugar causing you to gain weight.


6- Soy Sauce


You must avoid soy sauce if you are really serious about burning fat. Just a little gulp will load your body with so much sodium, more than you will ever need in a week. Of course you know what happens when you have got so much sodium packed inside your body.


7- Popcorn


Normally popcorn should be one of the best snacks around that is good for your health. However most of the popcorns available today contain too much sugar or fat, making them harmful especially for those who are cautious of their weight.


8- Oreos


One of the foods to avoid to lose weight is Oreo. If you care so much about the size of your belly and waist, then you must avoid Oreos with passion. Their caloric content can potentially add to the weight around your stomach and waist. Steer clear from them if you want to maintain a slim figure. In addition to avoiding these foods if you do regular workouts at home, then you can achieve great results.


9- Soda


Soda is not probably one of the obvious foods to avoid to lose weight. However, they contain artificial sweeteners which can also cause you to gain some pounds of weight. Also, large intake of artificial sweeteners could cause you aspartame poisoning.


10- Sports drinks


Sports drinks are considered to be fast energy boosters; very true indeed! But do you also know they are loaded with a lot of sugar and calorie, way beyond the amount you actually need? In this way, the sports drinks are also included in foods to avoid to lose weight if you don’t need to end up with a fat belly.


11- Fruit juice


Fruit juice is a common beverage in every home. Just because they are called “fruit” juice, doesn’t mean they are without harm. Their sugar content is way beyond normal. It is advisable to prepare your juice from fresh fruits.


12- Frozen meals


Eating frozen meals is often the best option when you are in a hurry. However, they contain a lot of salt which prompts the body to retain more water for diluting them leading to an increase in the body mass. They are one of the foods to avoid to lose weight.


13- Selected cereals


There are many low-fat breakfast cereals that are rich in sugar. You should avoid them if you are serious about losing weight. Stick to natural cereals which are high in protein.


14- Pickles


A pickle goes well with a hamburger. You probably know already. But did you also know that such a combination is not without its consequences especially when losing weight? Pickles contain a lot of sodium; therefore, it is included in the foods to avoid to lose weight.


15- Ketchup


No doubt, ketchup is one condiment nobody wants to leave out especially with French fries. But the level of sugar and salt it contains is just beyond normal and hence one of the foods to avoid to lose weight. You should know what happens when you take in anything with a lot of sugar and salt.


16- Yogurt


Flavored yogurt is probably one of those foods you do not know that contains a lot of sugar. Apart from the fact that it can potential add to your weight, it can also make you age faster.


17- Bagel


foods to avoid to lose weight


Bagel is a popular refined carbohydrate that is a choice breakfast for most people. However, when converted in the body, it yields a lot of glucose which can contribute to weight gain over time.


18- Snacks


Eating between meals is not always a good habit. Most popular snacks like candies and gum are often loaded with sweeteners which increase the level of sugar in the blood when consumed. You must kick against such foods if you are really serious about maintaining a healthy weight.


19- Margarine


Margarine usually contains hydrogenated oil which is a popular source of fat. It doesn’t only contribute to weight gain but can also expose you to inflammation, heart disease and aging.


20- Bread and butter


Bread and butter are high glycemic nourishment (which means it causes an immense response with the glucose of body). Adding pat of butter with white bread, make it high in calorie that leads you to gain weight.


21- Canned soup


It is advantageous to have a can of the soup for dinner or lunch; however, it will give you some extra pounds. The reason why this soup helps to gain weight, is that it’s loaded with the sodium. However, in any case, you need to eat the canned soup, then, it is recommended to buy them with low in sodium.


22- Pasta


Pasta gives you a great energy, but since the greater part of them are basic carbs they are processed by your body more rapidly i-e sending your glucose on the roller coaster that all the dieters fear. However, you do not need to avoid eating pasta totally but limit it to the wheat varieties instead of consuming sugary products.


23- Burger


Eating burgers also leads to weight gain, but there is nothing wrong if you don’t eat burgers more often but you will gain weight when you eat burger regularly and weight gain due to this food also brings health issues. So, it is recommended to limit consumption of fatty products like burgers.


24- Salted nuts


The salted nuts helps to gain weight and also leads to serious health issues if consumed in a large quantity, but one advantage of nuts is that they are great source of protein so you should not eat salted nuts in a large quantity.


25- Processed meats


The processed meat is preserved by salting, canning, drying, or curing. Undoubtedly, processed meat contains different dangerous chemicals that aren’t commonly present in the fresh meat. These chemicals in processed meats lead to weight gain.


26- Salad


Though eating salad is great way to strengthen bones.  On the off chance that you are just eating salad however you are eating a larger number of calories than you are consuming, then yes, you will put on weight eating salad.


27- Vegetable oil


A few oils are preferable for you over others, and the vegetable oil is on the not very great side of that list. Avoid consuming vegetable oil anymore and consider alternating it with the unsweetened applesauce in your recipes.


28- Tomato sauce


Tomatoes are recommended to eat! But yes, not in the sauces that are loaded with the salt and/or sugar. It is also recommended by health experts that either make own or purchase the brand that is offering decreased measures of substances you need less of in your eating routine.


29- Red meat


The red meat conveys a great deal of healthy supplements, similar to vitamins and iron. Along these lines, while you will need to incorporate them into your eating regimen in the limited parts, simply ensure you pick lower fat cuts.


30- Candy bars


Candy bars are one of the foods to avoid when losing weight. The candy bars are amazingly unhealthy as they pack a great deal of sugar, included refined flour and oils into the small package. These are also high in calories and low in the nutrients. A normal estimated piece of candy can contain around 200 to 300 calories, and additional large bars may contain significantly more.


Final Words


Though it is a large list of foods to avoid to lose weight but you don’t need to totally avoid these foods since some of these are our basic needs like meats, cereals, oils, fruit juice and yogurt etc. It is recommended to limit the usage of these foods.

But, yes, you totally need to stop eating foods like soda drinks, alcohol, and candy bars etc, since these are the foods to avoid to lose weight.

Although popular weight loss methods have always revolved round workouts and intensive training programs, it is still possible to achieve significant result by just steering clear of some foods. In fact, nothing works better than a simple meal plan free from high caloric or sugar rich foods.

When there is need to accelerate the process, then you should consider adopting a weight loss focused diet plan, like a ketogenic diet.

It all depends on how much you are determined to control your cravings for certain foods especially the sweet ones.

Until now you have only been told different foods to avoid to lose weight. However, the only problem with knowing only what to eat is that sometimes you might end up eating what you shouldn’t without even knowing, thereby thwarting all your effort towards shredding some fat.

The “30 foods to avoid to lose weight” list above will set you on the right path on achieving a slim middle. While the list is not exhaustive, it is a good place to start. Hope you have figured out different foods to avoid to lose weight. Also, learn the causes of belly fat here. Share your thoughts with us about this article in the comments section below.