Are you worried about the dry skin under beard? No need to worry about it anymore, we have a perfect solution for it. We have listed some important prevention tips. If you follow these prevention tips you can easily get rid of dry skin under beard.

Whether it is due to the hassle of shaving now and then, a fashion statement, or a way of self-expression, having a beard is not simply something that you can just take lightly. If you decide to get a beard, you must accept full responsibility by keeping it well-groomed and the skin well-hydrated or well-moisturized doing so you can efficiently get rid of dry skin below beard.

Some people end up doing it for fun, but once they learn that it is quite a hassle, they end up shaving it all off. There are also some who wants to grow a beard but don’t seem to know how to properly take care of it which leads to many potential problems, one of which is dry skin under beard.


How to Prevent Dry Skin under beard?


One of the many hurdles that men face with regards to having a beard is how to avoid getting dry skin under beard. There are many inferences as to why the skin under your beard and mustache area dries up.

The most probable cause is that there is not enough moisture on this field. You can go without any hydration for the rest of the skin on your face, but the skin under your beard must be well-hydrated.

It is because the facial hair in the beard and mustache area draws the moisture up causing the skin to dry. However, keeping your beard in a good state can be quite a task, despite it being necessary if you want to avoid issues like having dry skin under beard.

Keep reading the article to know about the prevention tips of dry skin below beard.

It can be quite stressful and irritating too but if you want to keep yourself from suffering this problem or prevent it from getting worse, no worries because this article can give you a disruption of some of the most efficient ways to prevent dry skin below beard, including the overall skin:


dry skin below beard


  • Don’t use facial products or regular soap


One of the things that you need be careful with if you want to avoid having dry skin under beard is to avoid using facial cleansing products that could contain alcohol which can contribute to dry skin. You must also be careful with using regular bath soap since these soaps are not designed for the sensitive skin of the face and may leave your face dry.


  • Make sure that you beard is dried thoroughly


Another thing that you must watch over if you want to make sure that you avoid any dry skin under beard is to dry the hairs on your beard thoroughly. If towel doesn’t suffice, you can use a blow dryer to dry your facial hairs. If you leave your hair damp, the water droplets will leave a drying effect on the skin.

You must also make sure that while drying, you do this carefully because when you rub harshly, you will only end up removing some of the natural oils on your skin which is quite the opposite effect to what it is you intend to achieve.


  • Use a conditioner on your beard when you’re done washing


You can either use the conditioner for your hair or you can buy a beard conditioner. Using conditioners can help keep your skin moisturized, avoiding dry skin under beard, as well as keep the hairs on your beard soft. if you cannot find a conditioner, you can other essential oils as well.

Natural oils are better. Just make sure though that you don’t have any allergic reaction towards the ingredients in the oil, such as hazel nuts, and more.


  • Don’t take hot showers or use warm water on your face


Another tip to prevent dry skin under beard is to avoid hot showers or use of the warm water on face. If you can live with cold showers, then by any means, do so. Hot water reduces the oils that are in your skin making it dry and flaky.

If you are used to taking hot showers, then make an exception for your face and use the cool water. Cold showers are also great in keeping your pores closed giving you a smoother finish.


  • Use humidifiers in your room or house


Humidifiers are great for supplying moisture in the air which is an immense help in keeping your skin moisturized as well. This is especially applicable during winter season where most homes operate heaters which heat up the air. When the air is warm, it will contribute to prevent dry skin under beard.


  • Eat healthy


Living a healthy lifestyle through eating healthy foods is a wonderful way of keeping your skin healthy. Eat fruits and vegetables. Have a balanced diet and a take plenty of fluids. You must also keep a high protein diet since high protein content can lead to faster beard growth.

It is because your beard hairs are made of protein itself, particularly keratin. So, you must make sure that you’ve the proper supply of nutrients and minerals that your hair and skin needs to grow, smooth, and well-moisturized. If you want to relieve yourself of having dry skin under beard, then start with living healthy.


  • Exercise is very good


Exercise is not good only good for your body but good for your beard hairs as well. When you exercise, you improve the level of your testosterone and when your testosterone is high, your hair will develop thicker and healthier. Remember that proper stimulation of the body is essential for good health. That also pertains to avoiding dry skin under beard.


  • Wear sunblock or moisturizers


When you go out, especially during a very hot day, you must not forget to moisturize your skin, including your face. The heat tends to make water evaporate faster, so when it is hot, the moisture on your skin gets diminished fast. You can apply beard oils or sunblock to protect your skin as well keep the moisture in.


  • Groom your beard


Always groom your beard. Most men like to have their beards shaped a certain way. Trimming and cutting your beard will help remove the lanky and older ends living the healthier stalks.

Grooming can also keep your beard neat and clean and when you see you’re your beard is neat, you tend to keep it that way.


  • Massaging your beard area


Right after a shower, you can give a few minutes to massage your face including your beard area. Just a few small circular motions that run all over your face can help stimulate the skin glands, helpful in the production of sebum or oil that will keep your skin hydrated and prevent dry skin below beard.


  • Get some good night sleep


Getting the enough sleep is vital not only for your health but for the skin health and beard as well. So, if you want to keep your skin healthy and avoid dry skin under beard, you must make sure that you sleep well.

Having enough rest will boost your metabolism and other bodily functions, including hair growth and hence will prevent the dry skin below beard as well. Getting enough sleep will also keep your beard hairs thick and grow faster.


  • Avoid scratching the itch


New growths can be quite itchy and most common than not, you may end up scratching your beard, including the skin. This may irritate the skin and may cause many possible results including dryness. If you really want to keep yourself from having dry skin under beard, then curb that intense desire to just scratch, and scratch, and scratch.

Scratching your beard can also break the skin and may end up getting infected especially if you scratch with dirty hands.


  • Don’t stress yourself too much


Stress is the reason that contributes to some of the many diseases and conditions out there. It is also not good for your skin and your beard. If a person is stressed, the bodies inner workings are affected, especially the immune system.

A stressed person tends to be tired and lazy, and if you are tired and lazy, the entire body becomes tired and lazy. This may affect the growth of your beard and also the ways on how you deal with your beard. If you are on a strict beard regiment, you may end up cutting some methods to make the process fast, which can be bad.


Final Words


There are various other methods available out there that you can use to help keep the skin under your beard healthy. However, even with all those methods, if you cannot commit to doing them or you are not determined enough to continue then there is no use.

Also, don’t just decide on growing a beard in a whim. If you are just doing this because your friends do it even when you don’t have your heart in it, then don’t do it. If you want to grow a beard, make sure that you take it seriously because if you don’t take care of your beard well, you will be the one who will suffer in the end.

So, to prevent that practice good beard grooming by not only taking care of the hairs on your beard but the skin under those hairs as well. Remember that beards grow on your face and the skin on your face is one the most sensitive parts of your integumentary or skin system.

If you find out this information useful about dry skin under beard, share it with your friends to let them aware of how they can also prevent dry skin below beard. Also, comment below your thoughts about this article in the comments below.


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