Although you might have heard about the word “orthotics” you might not know much deeper than that.   These are tools which are quite powerful in relieving back pain, align and straighten the hip and the knee, relieve pain in the ankle and help in any other kind of dysfunctions. However not all options are good and hence this information manual will help develop your knowledge base.

Orthotics are devices which are used for orthopedic purposes. Usually they are shoes or customized devices to be implemented inside shoes and are made from some lightweight materials. There is a huge difference between the orthotics which can be procured ready made from drug stores and which can be customized.

When To Consider Going For Orthotics?

It is crucial to know when there is a need to procure orthotics. If you feel that there is a chronic foot or heel pain, then it is advised to first consult an orthopedics. If such pain is left unaddressed it can spread to the hips, back, or neck over time. The orthopedic might suggest getting orthotics to limit the pain from spreading.

It is also a good time to consider orthotics if you do not have a pain, but you are super active in high-impact sports like basketball, running, or football. If you have experienced sudden weight gain (especially from pregnancy) and your feet have to bear the extra weight, then also considering orthotics is a great choice.

Cost of procuring orthotics:

Orthotics come in varied styles and are manufactured by varied brands. Based on the brand and device the costs vary. The price of an orthotics also depends on the place it is being purchased from and whether it is an over the counter device or a customized one.

Benefits of orthotics:

Orthotics are helpful in different ways and these are discussed here. They help get you back your ability to run, walk, and jump by reducing pain and swelling, and they enhance the stability of unstable joints and give better arch support. They also help with problems in other parts of the body, like the back and hips. Other benefits of orthotics may include:

  • Improving the general health of the foot and ankle.
  • Aligning and supporting the body, which includes the ankles and feet.
  • Preventing foot deformities from forming.

For example, if you are about to begin a new job as a valet attendant or a delivery boy, your job is going to involve a great deal of running. Before starting work, you may want to consider buying a shoe insert. If you are not sure about the product you can get a consultation done with the orthopedic. The insert in the form of the orthotics provide extra cushioning to your feet and ankles, which can help to prevent or reduce soreness and inflammation.

Use and Care of Your Orthotics

Your orthotics should be in good usable condition for at least one to four years.  Custom orthotics can usually be “refurbished” and hence you are not required to purchase them repeatedly.

Here are some tips you can use to take care of your orthotics:

  • Do not put your orthotics in a washing machine or dryer. Clean them with a damp rag. Mild dish detergent can be used as well followed by washing it off with cool water. Then, wipe the orthotics with a dry cloth and dry it before you put it back in your shoes.
  • Do not leave your orthotics in a hot car or truck.
  • Always wear socks with your orthotics to prevent the top covers from wearing down.
  • Your orthotics can get wet. If they do, remove them from your shoes or boots, wipe off the moisture and allow them to dry before you put them back in your shoes.

Orthotics makes for happy feet and a happier life so get your pair today. The goal here to be fit on the feet so that you can perform your regular duties efficiently.