Here is the list of most common health conditions and their treatments, here you can find out these common health conditions and their possible solutions for yourself or some other person suffering from these medical conditions.

Health conditions are not very common in children, but those circumstances commonly affect people in their older age. So, growing older can bring these health problems. What if you become aware of these conditions by analyzing their symptoms and causes?

In this way, you can prevent the habits that cause these particular conditions, and if you become aware of the symptoms of diseases in its early stages, you can cure yourself of it correctly by having its treatment before it grows inside you.

According to research led by CDC known as “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” today people in the United States can live longer than before. An average life of individuals can be 85 instead of 65 if they treat the possible medical conditions efficiently, 41% of people are living over the age 65 according to this research.

In addition to treating the medical conditions, you need to change your lifestyle, for example, you need to quit smoking, stop alcohol consumption and lose weight. Eating healthy and staying fit and active will reduce the chances of medical conditions. Some of these conditions and their treatments are listed as:

  • Stretch marks during pregnancy
  • Enlarged heart
  • Cervical Stenosis
  • Aspartame poisoning
  • Cradle cap
  • Leukocytosis
  • Hypothyroid in women
  • Vitamin B1/ Thiamine deficiency
  • Earache
  • Lyme Disease in Children
  • Aids in women
  • Leukocytosis causes


Health conditions and their treatments


Some of the most common and overlooked medical conditions with their solutions are illustrated as:


Stretch marks during pregnancy


There are different causes of stretch marks during pregnancy, and you can get rid of these stretch marks implementing some fantastic methods. The pregnancy period changes the body in various ways. One change that it may bring is these stretch marks on your belly.

In most cases, an appearance of stretch marks is inevitable. The possible causes of stretch marks during pregnancy are the gain of weight before or during the pregnancy, due to hereditary process means your mother had stretch marks, or you are having a twin or big baby. These are the most common causes of the stretch marks.

Now the best methods of preventing stretch marks during pregnancy are: Moisturizing the targeted area with Shea butter, nourish from inside, stay hydrated, watch your weight, and use the serums. Also, you can find out the detailed information about the causes and prevention tips of stretch marks during pregnancy here.


Enlarged heart


The condition of the enlarged heart is also known as “cardiomegaly.” As name shows, in the enlarged heart disease, the heart of human becomes abnormally enlarged and thickened. Due to this disease, the ability of the heart muscles to pump the blood becomes weak, and as a result of this, enlarged heart causes the heart failure.

This issue can also lead to the irregular heart rhythms.

It is important to understand its symptoms, the causes, and the treatment. The common causes of an enlarged heart are Infections, damage from heart attack, kidney diseases, metabolic disorder, thyroid disorder, coronary heart disease, heart valve disease, and cardiomyopathy.

After identifying the causes, you need to figure out the ways to prevent enlarged heart. Here are the best ways to prevent enlarged heart: Keep an eye on your blood pressure, do exercises, reduce the caffeine intake, quit smoking and alcohol, get enough sleep, and take proper medications recommended by doctors.

These tips will help you prevent cardiomegaly disease.


Cervical Stenosis


Cervical stenosis also is known as cervical spinal stenosis is narrowing of the spinal canal in an upper side of your spine. This spinal canal is a hole which passes through vertebrae. Narrow spinal canal put a lot of pressure on your spinal cord and causes pain in the neck.

In very rare cases, this condition occurs in the patients from their birth instead, a lot of people suffer from this medical problem due to getting old. According to research, most number of individuals who experience cervical stenosis is aged above 50.

Symptoms of cervical stenosis include an inability to balance well, pain in the neck, clumsy hands, and pain in the shoulders and limbs. If you find these symptoms in you, there are two types of treatments available for this problem. These are surgical and non-surgical.

It would be great if you prevent cervical stenosis by following some simple steps including maintaining a good posture, healthy weight, doing regular exercises, and quitting smoking and other drugs.


Aspartame poisoning


Aspartame poisoning leads you to serious health issues. It is an attractive substitute for sugar found in the yogurts, snacks, sodas and other foods like these. The FDA also approves aspartame, FDA is known as Food and Drug Administration, and it is overwhelmed with disagreement from various parts of the cultures.

According to research, it is found that large intake of aspartame can cause diseases like lupus and MS known as multiple sclerosis.There are many dangerous chemicals are there in these sweeteners.

To prevent aspartame poisoning, you need to understand the symptoms of aspartame disease. These symptoms are ear damage, deterioration of sight, itching, and psychological problems.

You can treat the aspartame poisoning by maintaining the aspartame free diet, exercising daily, adding fruits and vegetables to your diet, and taking a significant amount of water almost 10 cups of water. These things will help you treat aspartame poisoning.


Cradle cap


health problems


The cradle cap is a skin issue that is common in the babies usually at the age of one month. As its name shows, these are the scaly patches on skin initially appears on the scalp of the baby, and in some cases, it spreads to ears, neck, eyebrows, forehead, and cheeks.

However, it is not a big skin problem, but still, you need to take care of it and prevent cradle cap from your baby. Cradle cap is not harmful, and it doesn’t cause the itching to your child.

Now an important thing you must know is that how you can prevent cradle cap? There are some simple things you need to understand. These are: regular washing, regular brushing, rubbing the scalp with oil, using natural remedies, and increasing biotin intake.

In most cases, the cradle cap vanishes with time. Want to know more about cradle cap and its prevention. Here you go with the prevention of cradle cap.




It is a medical condition that influences a broad range of the white blood cells of human body. The leukocytosis influences all the white blood cells, on the other hand, the diseases like granulocytosis, lymphocytosis, and neutrophilia influences only particular type of the white blood cells.

The occurrence of leukocytosis is more common in kids. That is the reason the specialists prescribe the parents to give blood periodically child based on appropriate analysis, with the goal that it can identify variations from the norm at its early stage.

In most cases, leukocytosis happens with no indications; however, there are symptoms of leukocytosis that can be observed. These symptoms are fever, abnormal sweating, unusual pain, problems with breathing, problems with vision, weakness, and sickness.

To know more about its symptoms, treatment and prevention tips, you can read full information linked here at symptoms of leukocytosis.


Hypothyroid in women


The thyroid gland is the small winged organ in our neck which manages the rate of the capacity for each cell and organ in our body, including the metabolism, repair, and growth. It is clear that we cannot keep the well-being unless our thyroid works perfectly.

The thyroid is important for both the genders, however, for women, there is more tendency to endure the thyroid issues.

The common symptoms of hypothyroid in women are fatigue, depression, coarse or dry skin, weight gain, changes in menstrual cycle and moderate memory retention.

Learn more about hypothyroid in women here. You should know that without the relief and complete treatment of hypothyroid disease, symptoms of hypothyroid will become worse for you and possibly can cause permanent damage.


Vitamin B1/ Thiamine deficiency


Before going for Thiamine deficiency, you should know about Thiamine. Thiamine is also known as Vitamin B1. It is the coenzyme utilized by the human body to use the sustenance for vitality and to keep up proper nerve and heart functions.

The Vitamin B1is utilized to extract and digest vitality from the nourishment’s you eat by handing supplements into usable vitality in the form of the “ATP.”

Thiamine or Vitamin B1 deficiency can cause you nerve damage, heart complications, chronic fatigue, psychosis, and weakness.

You can find out Vitamin B1 in many usually in the nourishment’s including the meat, nuts, whole grains and beans. Furthermore, it is incorporated into numerous vitamin B supplement items.

Here are the causes of thiamine deficiency: large intake of alcohol, having a dialysis, and a hereditary process. You should regularly eat foods rich in Vitamin B1 to prevent thiamine deficiency.




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Earache is an ear infection that happens because of swelling or Earache in your ear.

Earache is of different forms. These are described as: ‘Otitis Media,’ it is a type of an earache caused because of the infection in the center of your ear. The second type of an earache is ‘Otitis Externa’ that happens accordingly of a disease in outside part of the ear.

On the off chance that ear torment is because of the swelling of the tympanic layer also known as eardrum, it is known as ‘Myringitis.’ An earache can influence both the child and adults; however, it is common for the children. So, these are mainly three causes of an earache.

You can cure an earache implementing different home remedies such as using garlic, tea tree oil, olive oil, ginger, radish, and carom seeds. There are specific methods for each treatment to cure an earache.


Lyme Disease in Children


Lyme disease also occurs in adults, but it is more common in children. It is the multisystem, multistage disease caused by bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. This disease is typically conveyed by the tick bites.

There are not any specific symptoms for this medical condition, and these symptoms can influence all parts of the body. The symptoms of Lyme disease show up inside 4 to 28 days after the tick chomp.

There are two stages of symptoms of Lyme disease. In the first stage, after several weeks of infection, the symptoms will come up as neck pain, fatigue, pain in muscles and joints, and low-grade level fever.  The second stage is after some months of infection, and the symptoms come up as sleep disturbances, heart issues, eye issues, weaknesses, hepatitis and skin problems.

These are some common Lyme disease symptoms.  However, every kid may encounter these symptoms differently.


Aids in women


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To get rid of Aids disease, it is important to note its symptoms from its early stages. However, the initial signs of Aids might be soft and simply dismissed. Be that as it may, without the clear indications, a contaminated individual can pass its infection to other people, and that is the main reason why it is essential to know whether you have an infection or not.

As a woman, one may think about how the HIV indications for women may vary from the men. There a lot of HIV side effects are same for the women and men, yet not the all of them.

Here are some of the particular symptoms of Aids in women: Early onset, skin problems, swollen glands and nodes, night sweating, change in the mental cycle, yeast and the bacterial infections, and other infections. If you find out most of these symptoms in you, then you must contact a doctor as soon as possible to prevent any potential dangers.


Leukocytosis causes


We have already discussed Leukocytosis above, but this section is mainly aimed at providing the information about causes of leaukocytosis. All things considered, we can say that the white blood cells are the soldiers, their principle target is to battle off the disease.

On the off chance that you’ve a ton of these cells being called into the actual obligation, it is a decent sign of the infection. In this way, the leukocytosis is caused by the infection, and it could incorporate numerous disorders, similar to pertussis or tuberculosis that is frequently called whooping cough.

In any case, the leukocytosis isn’t restricted to the infections only. Leukocytosis can likewise be resulted by the specific cancers and the inflammatory circumstances.

These common infections and other reasons of leaukocytosis can be allergic and the immune reactions, tissue damage, problems of bone marrow, stress and pregnancy.




We have listed few health conditions and their described their solution; you can find out additional information about each of these medical conditions in the linked complete articles.

Life is a blessing! You should enjoy each day of it but don’t forget to take care of yourself because it is important to take care of your health if you want to enjoy every moment of your life. Health is wealth! Another important thing you should consider is taking the disease serious, means that if you find of symptoms of some disease in yourself and you keep ignoring it. It can lead you to danger.

You must figure out the possible threat and contact with your doctor as soon as possible. Find out more health and fitness articles at WELLNESS POSSIBLE.

There are plenty of other health disorders out there, let us know if you want information about a particular disease you are suffering from. We will help you out by providing the best solution. Share this information with friends as well because SHARING IS CARING.