Here is everything you need to know about bleach pregnancy test! One of the most emotional times in life for aspiring future parents is learning about pregnancy. Everyone wishes to be blessed with healthy beautiful children.

There are a number of home-based pregnancy test methods, and one of them is the bleach pregnancy test. Yes, the very substance you use for brightening and whitening your stained clothes! It’s a very well-known top cleaning substance.

On hearing the word “bleach,” most people are reminded of whitening clothes, but there are some who will be considering how to use it as a pregnancy test!

Liquid bleach is highly reactive; when mixed with other chemicals, it gives out a variety of reactions like bubbling, foaming, steaming, frothing, evaporating or a variety of other visible changes.

One important chemical with which it reacts is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin; it doesn’t matter if you can’t pronounce it, you won’t be saying it again anyway. Just call it HCG. This hormone is found in the urine or blood of a female during pregnancy. The ability of bleach to react with HCG is what makes it a great element to be used in a bleach pregnancy test.

If you don’t have the time to go to the doctor to confirm your pregnancy or haven’t any extra cash to spend on purchasing a pregnancy kit from the pharmacy; make use of the homemade bleach pregnancy test.

Bleach is a chemical not only meant for cleaning purposes, but it can also be utilized in determining whether you’re pregnant or not.


How to Perform Bleach Pregnancy Test


perform bleach pregnancy test


The bleach pregnancy test is very simple to make. Usually, bleach is available at home. You don’t need to go out and buy any kind of special strength bleach; all that is required is ordinary household bleach. If you don’t have any at home, you can buy some cheap at any grocery store.

Don’t fuss over the price, thinking that an expensive brand would work better. No. Any kind of ordinary bleach meant for laundry or cleaning purposes will do, even those being sold at a discount!

However, be careful not to use bleach which has dye or artificial perfume added to it. Nowadays, bleach manufacturers tend to add dyes and scents in an effort to make their products alluring. Bleaches containing additives of this sort will not react with HCG the same way as regular bleach. If you desire result accuracy, use regular household bleach.

The aim of all pregnancy tests is to check if the pregnancy hormone, HCG, is present or not. This is how the bleach pregnancy test is performed:

  • Fill a container with a small quantity of regular household bleach.
  • Collect some fresh urine in a separate container.
  • Mix the two different liquids and then watch for a reaction.

If a frothy, fizzy or bubbly reaction occurs, it is a signal that HCG is present in the urine and that you might very well be pregnant.

On the other hand, if there is no noticeable change to be seen, then this clearly indicates an absence of HCG in the urine which means you are not expectant.

Similar to most home-based tests, the bleach pregnancy test has no restrictions on the amount of urine or bleach to be used and to the time limit before result confirmation. However, it must be remembered that this home-based test is comparatively dangerous; a mixture of bleach and urine tends to emit toxic fumes which can be a serious health hazard for you as well as your unborn child if indeed you turn out to be pregnant. Pro tip: Prevent your child from Aspartame.

Therefore, perform this test in a well-ventilated room or preferably outdoors; so that you are not at risk of inhaling these highly dangerous toxic fumes.


How Accurate is Bleach Pregnancy Test


Women usually prefer to take the bleach pregnancy test instead of having to pay the doctor a visit or spend money on the purchase of a pregnancy kit. According to anecdotal evidence, a bleach pregnancy test is believed to be fairly accurate, but as yet its complete effectiveness has not been proven in any conclusive way.

If you see a positive result after taking a bleach pregnancy test, you do have strong cause to believe that you are actually pregnant. On the other hand, if the result is a negative one and you still have a feeling of being pregnant, then you’d best see a doctor or take another pregnancy test to make sure.


 Supplement Effects on Bleach Pregnancy Test


Women consuming health supplements like weight-loss pills, drinks instead of healthy foods may have doubts about whether this type of intake would affect the bleach pregnancy test.

Well, it is widely believed that as long as you don’t take pills containing specific hormones including HCG, you have nothing to worry about. However, if the supplements you’re taking cause an increase in your urine flow, this might mean your urine is not as concentrated as normal and this could give a false result.

It must be remembered though that this would be applicable to a lot of other pregnancy tests being used as well; not just the bleach pregnancy test.


Take note!


Although the bleach pregnancy test has been through sufficient research to proclaim it a safe method for determining pregnancy, it does require a great deal of caution due to the danger of toxic fumes being emitted.

It should also be understood that there may not be a 100% accurate result. The bleach pregnancy test is just simply convenient when you’re at home with no available test, and you want to discover whether you’re going to be a Mom! Easy…just use your bleach and urine!

A bleach test is a very affordable alternative when you’re short of cash; bleach being a part of the household, in your cupboards. Many women are shocked to discover that something as simple as the bleach pregnancy test exists; all they’ve ever heard of are pregnancy kits purchased from pharmacies or see a doctor!

The bleach pregnancy test is becoming increasingly popular because of the easy availability of bleach and impatient mothers-to-be who are in a hurry to make a happy discovery!

Even though it’s true that the bleach pregnancy result, like any other home-based pregnancy test, has the possibility of giving an incorrect result; a bit of knowledge can help you attain fairly accurate instant results.




Pregnancy test results which are considered to be highly effective are those which are scientifically validated; urine or blood clinically tested by a doctor.

Nonetheless, there are situations when we have our own personal reasons for not wanting to visit a doctor or just wanting to keep things secret for the time being. Of course, it’s difficult to hide a pregnancy; things begin to get obvious real quick!

So, the bleach pregnancy test is a very convenient way of reassuring yourself if you believe yourself pregnant. What do you stand to lose? It won’t cost you anything but don’t forget: perform it outdoors or in a well-ventilated room! If you have doubts about the result; just reconfirm using another pregnancy test or ask your doctor.

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To end it all, let’s just say the bleach pregnancy test is easy and convenient to use to gain first and fast information regarding a possible pregnancy. Have any questions or suggestions about this article? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below!