Looking for bipolar symptoms in men? If yes, you are landed at right post! There are a lot of mental disorders out there that are quite difficult to diagnose because they are sometimes mistakes as another disorder. One of these mental disorders is bipolar disorder.

Being bipolar is sometimes taken as an example of a mood swing which is why people who are bipolar or people who know someone who is bipolar don’t recognize the disorder until it is too late


Information about Bipolar Symptoms in Men


Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression. It is because of the severe change of mood in such a brief time. Anyone can be bipolar. Many of the cases are of women. However, that does not mean that men are no longer susceptible to developing bipolar disorder. In fact, men can be more aggressive and disruptive than women when it comes to this condition.

Most bipolar symptoms in men can range from the most manic high at extreme happiness to the lowest depressive state of sadness. Compared to simple mood swings, bipolar mood swings, bipolar mood swings can last days to weeks, even months. So, if a man shows bipolar symptoms in men that last for days, then it could be that he is indeed bipolar.

Bipolar people can also end up making impulsive decisions such as quitting their day job on a whim due to sudden anger, breaking a relationship, impulsive buying, crazy deeds, and others that could greatly affect their lives. When the symptoms remain unmanaged properly, they can cause chaos in the person’s life.




Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder


There are a lot of bipolar symptoms in men that people, be it the person or the people around him must consider giving him the right support. Here are some of the most common signs:


Manic phase:


Bipolar men undergo two phases of change. These are the manic phase and the depressive phase. The manic phase involves the extreme state of euphoria, happiness, or excitement. Here are some of the bipolar symptoms in men that fall under this phase:

  • Unusual happiness or heightened optimism

Bipolar men who are in the manic phase may experience unusual happiness as if they are “high” on drugs or as if they’ve just won the lottery. Men at this phase tend to end up becoming happy at about anything and can remain in a very good mood for days even when there are bothering them.


  • Unrealistic high belief towards self or overconfidence

Bipolar symptoms in men also include having too much confidence in one’s traits and abilities even when the reality is very far from the truth. Most men who experience this end up becoming too cocky of their strengths and aim to prove them even at the cost of themselves, their money, and causing problems with others.


  • No need for sleep

Most men with bipolar symptoms in men end up thinking that they have an overabundance of energy. Thus, there is no need to sleep. This extreme state of activeness may last for days which is why when the feeling subsides the person would most likely end up tired and lazy.


  • Cluttered and raising thoughts

Men who are bipolar can end up with rapid transitions of thoughts and ideas which sometimes end up disorganized. Men with this condition also end up jumping from idea to idea without deciding which to choose.

As one of the bipolar symptoms in men, this can be a great disadvantage for workers or those involved in decision making at work or anywhere when left untreated. It can also lead to having difficulty focusing on anything or concentrating on only one task.


  • Impulsive decisions

It can be because of overexcitement or overconfidence, but bipolar men can also end up making impulsive decisions. It may include trivial things like repainting the house, deciding to buy some things to very extreme decisions like spending their entire savings for a new car or going on a sudden vacation, and other things.


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Depressive phase:


The depressive state is the opposite of the manic phase. If the manic phase is all about being happy, the depressive state covers bipolar symptoms in men that are all related to being sad, anger, and other negative emotions. Here are some of the most common:

  • Extreme sadness

If bipolar men can be extremely happy, then can also be extremely sad. Most bipolar symptoms in men related to sorrowful emotions can result in the general disposition of being sad. Men may decide to be left alone, to wallow in their misery, and just be sad for days. However, a more extreme side to this is when the sad thoughts become thoughts of death and suicide.


  • Getting irritated easily

Men who are bipolar can end up getting irritated easily. One of the main reasons why some end up quitting their jobs impulsively due to a disagreement at work or end up blowing off in front of family or a girlfriend which may lead to breaking up.


  • Can’t feel any pleasure

Despite how happy a party is, how enjoyable the company is, and other sources of pleasure, someone who is suffering bipolar symptoms in men, can lose the ability to feel any form of pleasure or satisfaction.

It makes it hard for a bipolar man to feel any form of happiness or pleasure out of any activity when the feeling of depression kicks in.


  • Laziness and being tired

If a bipolar person feels excited and energetic in the manic phase, it’s quite the opposite in the depressive phase. The energy just seems to zap off, and the man can feel sluggish, lazy and overall tired to do anything. It may lead to many possible effects.

A male student may lose the motivation to go to school for days or weeks, and a worker may choose to quit his job because of being too tired with things at work, and other reasons.


  • Lossing the desire to eat

Men who are suffering from bipolar symptoms in men can also experience loss of appetite which may end up affecting their physical health. If this goes on for days or weeks, a man may experience a sudden drop in weight. A sudden drop in healthy eating can also affect concentration and may lead to problems with memory.


Final Words


There are still a lot of things that people concerned must address. If you are or a person you know is suffering from any of the common symptoms above, do not hesitate to get professional help, they might help you with the good health tips.

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Bipolar disorder is treatable. There are prescription medicines that are available for those who have the disorder to manage it well. If you have any question about “bipolar symptoms in men”, don’t hesitate to ask help, especially when it is needed. We will help you out of this condition. Click here to read more health and fitness articles.