If you also have a question are there any advantages of using bio oil on face? Then your answer is yes! There are various benefits of using bio oil on skin. Before using bio oil for face, you should understand what its benefits are and how to apply bio oil on your face to accomplish its advantages.

Bio Oil has been in existence for a while. However, it’s not until today that it became such a sensation, especially to women. What makes this product so attractive? What can it do? Should I buy it too? Is bio oil on face an excellent idea?

A lot of questions must be swarming your mind now with regards to bio-oil. No worries though because as you continue in this article, you will learn what bio oil for face is, some of the great benefits of putting bio oil on face as well as some tips on how to apply it. So, with no further a due, move onward.


What is Bio Oil? Learn the benefits of bio oil on face


Like any skincare product in the market today, bio oil aims to improve how your skin looks by addressing scars, your stretch marks, blemishes and uneven tone. This oil prides over its PurCellin oil content which is highly effective in smoothing fine lines, other signs of aging, and skin dehydration which leads to having dry skin.

If you have uneven skin tone, scarring, signs of aging, or dryness in your face, bio oil on face is one of the most effective ways to relieve yourself of your skin problems.

The Vitamin A and E along with essential oils of calendula, rosemary, lavender, and chamomile all work together to make your skin as healthy-looking as can be. You don’t have to worry about whether it will for your skin type as well because this oil is fit with all modes of skin.


Benefits of Using Bio Oil for face?


Using bio oil on face is good for different reasons. In fact, so many women are into this oil that it makes you wonder, just want can it do to make people flock to it? Well, bio oil provides many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of using bio oil for face that may enlighten your mind:


  • Softens and lightens scars


Whether you got into an accident, due to insect bites, rashes, and other reason, scarring on your face can be a source of insecurity for many women. If you have any scarring, bio oil on face can help smoothen it out and improve the total appearance of the scar.

Younger scars are easier to handle than the older ones but it doesn’t mean that it won’t work, it will just take longer. You can also use bio oil on all other scars aside from your face.


  • Moisturize the skin


Bio oil on face contains vitamins and essential oils that can help lock the moisture in your skin to retain it hydrated during the day. It also replenishes the natural oils lost after applying soap during the bath. If you want to maintain your skin fresh and soft, you must keep it hydrated.


  • Prevent stretch marks


The components of bio-oil work with the natural elastic property of your skin to prevent stretch make from forming especially for those who just gave birth or lost weight.  If you have stretch marks, apply the oil on any affected area.


  • Even out the skin tone


Another problem that most women rave about is the unevenness of their skin. If you have uneven patches of skin due to too much exposure to the sun and other reasons, the bio oil on face contains regenerative properties that will help even out the tone of your skin.


  • Lessen the signs of aging


Another benefit of bio oil for face is that it lessen the signs of aging. Old age is not something you can avoid, but you can decrease the prominence of wrinkles and fine lines in your face. The vitamins and minerals in bio-oil strengthen the collagen layer of the skin to restore some flexible support. It makes skin softer, smoother, firmer, and younger-looking.


  • An excellent makeup primer and remover


You can also apply bio oil on face as a makeup primer and remover. Instead of using commercial primers, you can use bio oil instead. It not only preps your face for applying makeup but keeps the moisture and good qualities of your skin as well. As remover, bio-oil is not harsh to your skin, unlike some makeup removers that are chemical-based.

There are a lot more benefits to bio-oil that you can gain if you use it. Bio-oil can also keep your hair healthy and frizz-free. Even your nails and cuticles will also help from bio-oil. If you purchase a bottle, you can use for overall body care.


How to use bio oil on face


benefits of bio oil for face


Bio oil on face is useful when pampering and preventing some skin problems from occurring. Below are some tips on how you can utilize bio oil, depending on the issue:


  • For removing and preventing scars


If you have scars, you can apply to the affected areas twice a day. Makes sure to massage the oil in gentle circles on the scar using your fingers. If you do this for at least three months, you should see significant results depending on the severity of the scarring. Also, remember not to apply the oil on any wound or broken skin, apply only once the wound or skin heals.


  • For moisturizing dry skin


If you want to use bio oil on face for moisturizing dry skin, experts recommend applying this on your face and body after you take a shower to restore the natural oils and keep your skin well-hydrated.


  • For removing stretch marks


Similar to how you use in scars, apply bio oil on your stretch marks via a  gentle massage. It suits the affected area and helps the skin absorb the oil faster. Doing this two times a day will give the best results.


  • For rough and aging skin


If you have unevenness in your skin tone, you can put bio oil on face the area much like you are moisturizing your skin. The minerals in the oil will soothe the wrinkles and fine lines as well as any uneven tones to make your skin appear lighter and younger. Applying after you take a shower or before you sleep is a great routine.


  • For priming your skin


Before you apply any makeup on your face, gently massage bio oil all over your face. The oil will not only help lock the makeup in place, but it will also prevent the composition from dehydrating your skin. Once you arrive home, use bio oil to remove the makeup as well to restore any moisture that the makeup could have deleted.


Final Words


Try out bio-oil now and see for yourself how great this wonder product can be. Maintain a soft and healthy skin by conditioning it with bio oil. Just remember that though the oil is good for you, you cannot apply it to babies. Children below two years old are still sensitive to many things, and bio-oil may cause more harm than good. So, it is recommended that don’t apply bio oil for face on children especially below two years.

If you find this information about bio oil on face useful then what you are waiting for, share this information with other people. Moreover, let us know your thoughts about this article in the comments section below.


  1. Melanie fernandez

    I’m excited to use this bio-oil and see the difference.

    • Amayatylor

      That’s great Melanie, wishing you good luck!

  2. arunima das

    Can i continue with my day cream and night cream routine after applying bio oil on my face?

    • Amayatylor

      Yes Arunima, you can continue with this routine. Bio oil have nothing to do with it.

  3. Dawn Fairbanks

    I have been telling everyone about Bio-Oil ! I had Breast reduction surgery in January.I had one scar that had like a big knot in it, I was afraid it was going to stay permanently. I am on a support group and someone was saying how great it is.I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it. I have been using it for a few weeks on the scars…the knot has disappeared ! The scars look better lighter, I think they will not even be noticable ! I have started using a a moisturizer on my face. I am so glad I found this ! I love it !!!!!

    • Amayatylor

      Hey Dawn Fairbanks,

      Thanks for your feedback on this article. You are absolutely right, bio oil is beneficial in many different ways that also includes dealing with scars.

  4. Annette Oswald

    More a question than a comment. My nightly routine is cleanse, tone, retinol product, wait approx 5 minutes, bio oil, wait 10 minutes than nightly moisturizer. Is this a good routine or should I be doing it differently?

    • Amayatylor

      Hey Annette,

      This routine is perfect! You’re going well.

  5. Stellah

    thanks for the information. am excited about the product and ready to give it a try. my skin is okey but just need an extra glow


    I sustained some burns injury on my face, the wounds are healed but the scars are all there. So are you recommending bio oil as a good way of getting the scars off?

    • Amayatylor

      YES! Bio oil hydrates the dry parts of skin and helps to heal the scars and stretch marks

  7. mama tee

    Can I continue use my face cleanser with bio oil?

    • Amayatylor

      YES! You can. No problem with using face cleanser with bio oil.


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