In our busy and hectic life today, a lot of bad habits we do that destroy our health. If you also want to live a happier and healthier life, you have to make some changes in your life. Other than just avoiding junk foods and doing exercises, you should consider looking at the bad habits you do that can destroy your health.


10 bad habits that will destroy your health


Here are the 10 bad habits that will destroy your health:


1) Lack of water


The first one is the lack of water. The lack of water in the body can lead you to many health problems like cerebrovascular disease, metabolism problems and ageing of your brain. Due to some reasons, a lot of people can’t drink water in time.

In case, the content of water is reduced in your body, the thickness of blood can be expanded to cause cerebrovascular and thrombus diseases. Consequently, so as to prevent these possible diseases and keep your kidney healthy, you should drink plenty of water.



2) Overusing your smartphone


Most of the people spend most of their time using the smartphones, tapping and scrolling all the time. According to a research, staring at screens for a long time damages your posture, sleep patterns and eyes. “Exposure to digital lights that comes from the high energy devices disturbs the quality of your sleep, causes stress, headaches and shoulder and neck pain.”

However, due to its primary need today you just can’t discard your smartphones, but you must limit the use of these devices to prevent these health problems.


3) Stress


stress bad habit


Stress causes many health problems like slow digestion, low immunity, increase in blood sugar and blood pressure, as well as it makes your overweight. Moreover, stress has some other effects in our daily life.

For example, anger, change in the sex drive and sleep problems. If you notice the symptoms of stress, you should manage to deal with stress to prevent these health problems.

Some common steps you can take to get rid of stress are doing exercises, relaxation from the techniques of yoga, breathing and mediation.

Some other great ways to control your stress are getting socialize with the friends and family, keeping the sense of humor, and having good hobbies like listening to music and reading a book. Too much stress can also lead you to the bipolar symptoms.


4) Smoking


One of the worst habits that destroy your health is smoking. According to research, 30% of deaths occur due to smoking and 30% due to cancer disease while 80-90% of lung cancer, bladder, mouth and throat cancer are caused due to smoking.

However, when you quit smoking, its health advantages are prompt, on the grounds that your affected cardiovascular system and lungs start to repair themselves after few moments of the last cigarette. So, within only one month, the lungs can work properly and you ought to feel comfortable, more energetic, and coughing less.

Quit smoking today if you don’t want to end up having these serious health conditions. If you quit smoking, this will essentially reduce your risk of heart problems and cancer, enhance the feeling to smell and taste. In this way, quitting smoking will give you a healthy life.


5) Eating late at night


YES! Eating late at night also destroy your health. If you eat a meal late at night, it does more destruction to the body. Many individuals today, particularly urbanities take meal late at night. This habit is the main source of the acid reflux and also responsible for some other health complexities and sicknesses.

Experts revealed the possible diseases due to late-night eating; these are chronic bronchitis, asthma, esophageal cancer, sinus disease, hoarseness, seep apnea and snoring.

Your night meal should not be the very heavy, and you should eat your night meal by 8 pm for better health.


6) Overusing sedatives and painkillers


When sedatives and painkillers are overused, they can cause you more issues than it solves. Utilising the drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen for muscle pain or joint pain can increase the risks of heart attacks, high level of blood pressure, and ulcers over time.

The sleeping pills and calming drugs can also abandon you feel confused and inclined to falling and stumbling when you take these drugs in large quantity than prescribed dosages. These drugs make you feel comfortable if you don’t take in the large quantity.

So, you might need to continue taking these drugs. However, you should only take these medications when recommended by the doctor and don’t self-medicate if you don’t want any harms instead of treating the diseases.


7) Having a substantial supper


For office workers, supper has now turned into most essential dinner. But, you should understand that having a substantial supper is unhealthy for you. Your super should contain the foods with carbohydrates and fresh vegetables, and you should also reduce fat and protein intake at evening.

Moreover, you must take supper right on time to avoid the potential diseases like lithangiuria. You can consider eating sunflower seeds as snacks.


8) Poor position of the body while working on computer


You may already very much aware that spending a long time on the laptop isn’t good for your eyes. However, we all disregard its other impacts on our health. The numbness and pain of fingers and hands is a typical symptom in the individuals who work on computers for long hours.

This does not stop at the pain and numbness only, this pain in the hands increase the danger of rising carpal tunnel disorder. This disorder occurs due to the pain, tingling and numbness in hands, an impression of the discomfort which goes up your arm towards shoulders and also gives so much harm to fingers.

Despite the fact that these symptoms are not threatening, they can influence your accuracy when performing the simple movements, for example, writing and holding the mobile, etc.


9) Drinking alcohol excessively


alcohol bad habit


Another bad habit that will destroy your health is the consumption of too much alcohol. The alcohol consumption cause emotional and physical changes in you that lead to serious danger. There are many long-term impacts of the alcohol consumption that can put your life in the serious medical conditions.

Even if you drink alcohol in low quantity, it is not good for your health. But, if you consume too much alcohol, there are a lot more chances of different health conditions like the cirrhosis of the liver, heart problems, depression, cancer, nerve damage, gout and it can also lead to general problems such as injuries in the car accidents, etc. You should eat healthy and nutritional foods like sauerkraut for better health.

All things considered, if you can’t completely stop drinking alcohol for any reason, you must limit its consumption if you care for your health and life.


10) Drinking coffee excessively


YES! If you drink coffee too much, it can influence your health in different ways. For example, drinking too much coffee can decrease chances to become pregnant. As per research, only one cup of coffee every day can reduce 50 percent rate of getting pregnant. Then, drinking too much coffee can also induce heart problems.

Caffeine in the coffee can influence ordinary functions of your heart and enlarge cholesterol in your veins. Another important harm of drinking coffee excessively is that it reduces your work productivity. With a specific end goal to secure your heart, you ought not to drink the coffee excessively. All things considered, you should limit your consumption of coffee to prevent these health problems.


Final Words


There are some other bad habits that can destroy your health and you must stop these habits. These include not doing exercises, large intake of salt, not taking breakfast, poor posture, poor sleep, etc. These are some other bad habits that you must stop for better health.

But, what if you are addicted to these habits, and you just can’t get rid of these habits easily. In this situation, you can’t say goodbye to some of these habits instantly.

However, you can move on slowly like if you spend 15 hours of your time daily in front of the computer, get it to 10 hours, if you smoke 20 cigarettes daily, reduce this number to 10 and then slowly completely stop smoking.

The other bad habits like poor posture, large intake of pain killers, and eating late at night, etc, you should instantly stop these habits and change your lifestyle for long and healthier life. Comment below if you have any question about this article or want any information about health, we will help you out.

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