Aspartame poisoning symptoms appeared because of intake of artificial chemicals in sweeteners. In life, we tend to run away from getting into little trouble, but end up running into a larger one. This is the case with Aspartame poisoning signs.

We run away from sugar to avoid diabetes and other diseases caused by excess intake of sugar. Since we can’t take in bitter substances and still needs sweetness; we use artificial sweeteners as sugar substitutes. Not only do individuals use it, but also used in manufacturing diet soft drinks. It is used by coke manufacturing companies in producing diet drinks.

It is not incorrect to say that excess sugar may damage the health. However, the artificial sweeteners we use as sugar substitutes incur more damage to our body than sugar. A common damage caused by artificial sweeteners is aspartame poisoning signs. These artificial sweeteners also cause hypothyroid symptoms.

It is a deadly disease, and just like every other disease, it can be recognized through aspartame poisoning symptoms noticed on an individual.


Looking for Aspartame poisoning symptoms? First learn what Is Aspartame?


Aspartame is a manmade toxic chemical produced by Monsanto, a chemical company. It is an odorless crystalline powder often used as artificial sweeteners and a sugar substitute. It is used by various beverage companies as artificial sweeteners in producing sugar-free or diet soft drinks.

It is sweeter than sugar up to about 200 times of more sweetness. A lot of people use it to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

However, research has shown that aspartame will even cause one to gain more weight, which is in contrast to what is expected. This is because aspartame is a substance that causes carbohydrate cravings.

This is not the only effect of aspartame. It has been discovered to be extremely poisonous and damaging to the health. If it is taken in excess of the body, it can result in aspartame poisoning symptoms.


Aspartame Poisoning Signs and Effects


Aspartame is a toxic chemical and one of the causes of its toxic nature is wood alcohol. An increase in the temperature of aspartame to greater to 86ºF will lead to a conversion of the wood alcohol in aspartame to formaldehyde and formic acid. It can also cause thiamine deficiencyThis eventually causes metabolic acidosis.

The danger caused by formaldehyde to the body is similar to that caused by arsenic and cyanide. However, formaldehyde is quite different from the others because it kills slowly unlike the others. Its slow killing is usually accompanied with several negative effects.

We have stated above that excess intake of aspartame may lead to aspartame poisoning symptoms. The aspartame poisoning symptoms will be highlighted below. But before that, let’s look at some of the effects of aspartame poisoning.

  • Mood Changes

In one of the researches made by scientists, they were said to have made a comparison between people with aspartame intake and people who don’t take any. This research was made in people with a history of depression.

Depression was said to increase in people with aspartame intake compared to their counterparts. This depression also leads to the bipolar symptoms. However, this was said to have no effect in people with no depression history. A further research in 2014 further verified this.

  • Cancer

After making various researches with animals, scientists were able to come to the conclusion that excessive intake of aspartame may lead to leukemia and other cancers of the blood. The research was made by ingesting rats with aspartame for a period of time.

A further research was made in 2012, by studying men who take in diet soda. The study claims that men who take diet soda often are at a risk of suffering from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

However, this report cannot be 100% trusted, as the said scientists later issued an apology regarding the report. They claim the evidence is weak and can’t be used as an evidence of aspartame causing cancer.

  • Triggers Illnesses

It has been discovered that aspartame poisoning triggers subtle illnesses. These illnesses are not easily detectable even by professional physicians. It causes illnesses like ALS, Alzheimer disease, multiple sclerosis among others.




Aspartame Poisoning Symptoms


There are various aspartame poisoning symptoms that can be experienced by humans. However, we will be identifying only some of these symptoms below.

  • Deterioration of sight: Aspartame can lead to the deterioration of sight/vision, including traces of night blindness. It leads to blur vision and eye pain. People experiencing this will also encounter decreased tears.
  • Ear Damage: it is common for persons suffering from aspartame poisoning to notice their ear buzzing or tinnitus. It is also common for them to be allergic to noises and may eventually lead to hearing loss.
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms like abdominal pain, diarrhea, upset stomach and others are symptoms.
  • It damages the skin and causes itching. Asthma patients are at a risk of their asthma increasing due to aspartame intake.
  • Going out of breath often, increased blood pressure are both aspartame poisoning symptoms.
  • Endocrine Symptoms: Aspartame helps control diabetes but also causes weight gain. Other people claim to have experience irregular menstrual cycle and severe menstrual cramps.
  • Psychological Problems: Aspartame causes psychological problems like depression, suicidal and aggressive behaviors.

However, these symptoms are severe to some people than the others. Also, some people may not experience some of the symptoms highlighted above.


Treatment of Aspartame Poisoning Signs


Unlike some other diseases like Aids, cancer, and HIV, there are remedies or treatments for aspartame poisoning. These treatments are highlighted below:

  • Maintain an aspartame free diet. This can be done by checking the contents of beverages, especially sugar-free or diet drinks before intake.
  • Having daily exercises, as that help flush toxins like aspartame from the body.
  • Adding high quantity of fruits and vegetables to your diet. It helps to replace lost vitamins in the body.
  • High consumption of water. An average of 8 to 9 cups daily.

Those are few of the treatments of aspartame poisoning. Seeing a medical practitioner for further treatments will be beneficial.

However, since prevention is better than cure, it will be better to prevent the consumption of aspartame. This can be done by staying away from consuming things that contain aspartame.




Final words:


After over the 20 years use of aspartame, quantity of its victims is quickly heaping up, and individuals now know that aspartame is at the base of their medical issues. The patients are showing their doctors about this danger and they are recuperating themselves with almost no support from conventional medicines.

History and research of aspartame is conclusive as reason for sickness and poisonous reactions in human body. Aspartame is a hazardous nourishment added additive and its utilization during the pregnancy and by kids is one of greatest modern tragedy.

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It is recommended to avoid high sugar consumption in the form of artificial chemicals to avoid this health issue.  Liked this information about aspartame poisoning symptoms? Do share this article with your friends also give us your feedback in the comments section below!