Learn how to use almond oil for face and what are almond oil for face benefits! Even before professionals discovered the potential of almond and almond oil as medicinal ingredients, people from the ancient times has been using almond oil in several different beauty regimens. The most known of these beauty regimens is on hair and skin care.

Today, almond oil for skin care is very common. In fact, many famous personalities, especially women are now using almond oil to pamper and look after their faces and skin. There are a lot of beauty products today that contain almond oil because of the many benefits.

The article includes how you can use almond oil for face and various almond oil for face benefits.

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Almond oil for face benefits:


Almond oil for face is the popular trend today because a lot of women think that there are a lot of good into using almond in their daily skin and face routine. Here are some of the benefits that women find great:


  • Great for deep cleansing

Oil from almond is light and not overbearing on the skin. This lightness in texture makes it readily absorb able by the skin. Many companies who advertise the use of almond oil for face emphasize its ability to penetrate the skin fast and deep which helps eliminate the accumulated dirt.


  • Good for keeping skin flawless

The oil made from almond can contain anti-oxidants with high vitamin E content that can combat the stress that the skin undergoes removing the free radicals that build up. It keeps the skin unblemished and flawless.


  • Lightens skin and rids dark circles

Almond oil for face is also great for removing dark circles as well as bags under your eyes. Applying it every night for two weeks will suffice to get satisfactory results. Almond oil mixed with lemon and honey will also lighten your skin. The lemon juice and honey also treats cystic acne.


  • Great for eczema and psoriasis relief

Due to the irritants in the air and other triggers, skin can get irritated which leaves itchy and dry marks. By slaving almond oil on the affected area, you can relieve the dryness and itchiness. The hypoallergenic property of almonds is the key component.


  • Good for treating rashes

If by chance, you face or your skin gets hives, you can use almond oil to relieve the inflammation. If your baby has rashes from diapers, you can also use the oil as well. If your face gets irritated and rashes from insects or bed bug bites, you can also apply almond oil to face in the rashes area.


  • Great for getting the young-looking skin

Usually, the very first signs of aging are especially noticeable in the face. If you want to look younger and reduce the signs of aging, you can apply almond oil for face. It will help smoothen out the wrinkles and hydrate your skin to achieve that young and healthy look. Coconut oil for wrinkles is also a great option.




How to You Use Almond Oil for face skin?


Depending on what you’re going to use almond oil for, the methods of application may differ. Read on for some tips and concoctions that you can use.



almond oil for face glow


Tip #1: Mix almond oil, honey, and avocado

  • You can use almond oil for the face alone, but if you want to achieve even better results, you mix in a ripe avocado and some honey. So, the first that you can do is puree the ¼ of the avocado until paste-like, mix in at a teaspoon of honey and tablespoon or two of pure almond oil. Blend all the ingredients well.
  • Once the mixture is ready, then, you can apply it on the area. You can use it all over like a mask, or on the wrinkles only. Let the mixture set for about 15 to 20 minutes. After the time, rinse your face with clean, warm water and pat gently with a smooth towel to dry.


Tip #2: Almond oil and Vitamin E

  • You can also use almond oil for the face with some Vitamin E. To create the mixture; you can add a teaspoon of warm almond oil with Vitamin E, about two to three drops. There are capsules of Vitamin E for sale so that you can buy those. Before, applying make sure that the concoction isn’t too warm to use on your face.
  • If you think that temperature of the concoction is bearable, put some on your fingers and gently massage in circular motion to your face. Make the motions small so that you can apply even pressure and can target each spot effectively. Do this for about 10 minutes.
  • Wipe the concoction with a soft towel or tissue and wash with clean water. The recommended frequency of applying the almond oil for face concoction is daily and overnight before you sleep.


Almond oil for skin: Dark Circles and Eye Bags


almond oil for face benefits


If your problem is the eye bags and dark circles under your eyes, here are some tips for you or you can go for alternate solution that is use of rose water:


Tip #1: Almond oil alone

  • If you want to apply almond oil to face on its own, you can. What you must do is apply at least a drop of the oil over the eye bags or the dark circles. Using your fingers, massage the area gently and leave it overnight.
  • Once you wake up in the morning, rinse the oil with cool water. In case, you want to get the best results, then apply the oil regularly.


Tip #2: Almond oil and honey

  • If you choose to mix the almond oil with honey, then mix the two in equal portions. If you decide to use one teaspoon of almond oil for face, then use a teaspoon of honey as well. Once you have the mixture, you can apply it to the area with the dark circles and your eye bags.
  • Use gentle massaging motion. Do not rub it on since your eyes can get irritated. Do it overnight regularly for the best outcome. In the morning, rinse everything off with cool water.


Dry Skin and Sunblock


almond oil for skin


For dry skin and protection against UV rays, you can simply use almond oil for skin along or add in some Vitamin E. For dry skin, apply almond oil each night, overnight. And as protection against the sun, you can use it as a sunblock. Almond oil for skin can also help relieve sunburn.




Final Words:


There a lot more ways on how you can use almond oil for skin. As an ingredient for food, raw almond oil also has many benefits. The almond oil is entirely natural and there are not any reactions of almond oil for skin.

All things considered, the almond oil for skin, with the amazing smell of nut and the comparative smell to marzipan and the non-oily, delicate surface and its quick absorption rate, which absorbs into face skin, is an ideal approach to evacuating any dangers of the dry skin.

There are different benefits of using almond oil for the face that is described in the article. Not only almond oil for face glow is used, but it is also useful for your body skin.

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Implement the information given in the article of using almond oil for face, and you will see great results after continuously using for few days. Share these amazing uses and benefits of almond oil with your friends and share your thoughts on this in the comments section below.