Looking for causes and treatment of acne on scalp? You are at right place. This article aims to discuss what is scalp acne, what are the causes of acne on scalp, how to treat acne on scalp and finally conclusions and recommendations are proposed at the end of the article.

Acne on scalp is one of the worst skin problems and it impacts many people. Scalp acne is not only a strange pimple on your scalp instead it could lead to more negative reactions on your skin i-e damaging your hairs, causing the scabbing and redness.

However, pimples on scalp is not your lifestyle controlling problem unless some unseen pimples on your head cause you discomfort like the swelling, tenderness or itchiness can give you lot of pain to your lifestyle tasks i-e wearing a hat or styling other’s hair.

Acne on the scalp may be easier to treat than you think. On all other parts of your body, the acne is primarily caused by genetic and hormonal factors that need medications to be treated properly. However, acne on the scalp is commonly caused by harmful habits and hair products.

On most parts of your body, the acne is caused by hormonal and genetic circumstances and can be treated by having specific medicines. But acne on the scalp is normally caused by using the harmful hair products. Treating scalp acne is not a big deal just like normal acne treatment; it can be treated easily by following a perfect guide illustrated below.


What are the causes of acne on scalp?


scalp acne


Different reasons of acne on scalp include harmful chemicals, heat, climate change, poor hygiene, sweat, addiction, anxiety, sun rays, inadequate diet, allergy and much more. Prevention is better than cure! If you want to prevent this issue then you need to understand their causes first. Let’s discuss each one of these causes in detail.

Harmful chemicals:


Acne on scalp can be caused due to chemical reactions from various products, use of harmful products for scalp and hair or infections from yeast, various forms of bacteria are also circumstances that could cause irritation across your hair follicles of the scalp.

Moreover, the over use of hair style products having intense chemicals block your hair follicle and hence causing acne on scalp.

Sun rays or heat:


You read it right! Excessive exposure to sunlight or heat in the environments like construction area or kitchen restaurant can help stimulate the oil inside your skin pores. It can irritate your skin and possibly exacerbate your skin by growing bacteria inside it, in this way the excessive heat can cause acne on scalp. Sun rays or heat also causes back acne scars.


Poor hygiene:


Washing your scalp after the perspiration, particularly after exposure to warm conditions helps remove the dirt and oil that may have accumulated on the pores of your skin. In this case, you should wash your head with the alcohol-free, non-abrasive cleaner and clean it with the lukewarm water.



When mixed with the skin friction, sweat can exacerbate acne. Sweat injects micro organism to the pores when it rubbed with the objects such as hat, bag straps, shirt, and sweatbands. At this point, it is recommended to take shower with the antiseptic soap to clean skin after sweating.



Yes, addiction also causes acne on scalp. It can be simple smoking, alcohol, or drugs. For example, Caffeine is used in different drinks that bring negative results; one negative result is pimples on scalp! In case you are consuming beverages with excessive caffeine, there is high risk of scalp acne.

Inadequate diet:


Undoubtedly, a balanced diet is important for your overall health and fitness. There are some foods that can cause acne like candy, fast foods, agave, and chips. However, they can only cause acne when consumed in a large quantity.

So, you should not consume these foods in a large quantity to avoid these causes. Moreover, inadequate diet can’t help your body. It is recommended to add fruits, vegetables, calcium, and vitamin B in your diet and drink too much water.



How to treat Acne on Scalp?


pimples on scalp


Scalp acne can be treated by these simple methods including home remedies and medical products:


Pimples on Scalp Treatment

Lemon Juice: (HOME REMEDY)


A simple method to get rid of acne pain is to apply lemon juice on affected skin. Squeeze the lemon juice and then dilute it with the tablespoon of water. Then, apply this juice on the scalp and after ten minutes, wash that area with the shampoo. (It is also used to cure bedbug bites)

Neem Water: (HOME REMEDY)


Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of Naeem help to treat scalp pimples. To experiment this method, boil leaves of neem in water and let its solution become cool. Then filter the water and simply apply that solution on your scalp. Wash out after an hour with shampoo.

Honey-Cinnamon Treatment: (HOME REMEDY)


This home remedy to treat scalp acne includes two tablespoons of cinnamon and two tablespoons of honey. You need to mix these items and then paste on affected area. Clean the scalp after one hour.

Use topical antibiotics: (MEDICAL TREATMENT)


In severe cases of pimples on scalp, you should consider antibiotics for treatment and prevent future symptoms. These antibiotics are normally used with the benzoyl peroxide to treat skin problems, so you can consider topical antibiotics to get rid of acne scalp.

Take oral antibiotics: (MEDICAL TREATMENT)


The oral antibiotics help to reduce bacteria within the body which causes acne as well as reduce the inflammation as a result of pimples. The commonly used oral antibiotics for acne treatment are tetracyclines.



Another medical treatment to cure acne on the scalp is using Dapsone (Aczone). It is the combination of anti-inflammatory medications. It is actually a gel that kills bacteria and keeps the skin clean.

Tips for controlling and preventing acne on scalp:

  • Consider drinking a lot of water, it will eliminate the toxin from the body
  • Don’t eat much fried food
  • Consider adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet plan
  • Keep clean the affected area
  • Use the antibacterial shampoo that may contain neem, hibiscus, and other essential oils like almond oil
  • Do not scratch your zits
  • Keep your scalp open; don’t wear hat or something on that area. It will pressure the acne resulting in more damage




Final words:


Many people suffer from acne on scalp, but they’re unsure how to treat this problem. Also, they think that treating these problems can turn worse for their hair and think that these pimples will just go away after some time, but that is not right at all! Did you know? Many people become bald due to this skin problem. So, treating and preventing is the only solution.

Learn about some best known skin problems and how to cure them visiting here. Understanding the proposed methods, you figured out how to treat acne on scalp! If you try these methods, let us know your experience.