Family caregivers who have no extensive knowledge or training when it comes to caregiving may find it exasperating to assist their senior loved one regularly. You might feel exhausted at one point and need a break badly from your caregiving duties. We are sharing with you the top 6 things which may make you feel older and some effective ways to prevent it.

  1. Lack of Physical Activity

Little or no physical activity can be the reason which enhances the negative effects of aging. If you are unable to visit the gym every day or go to a park for exercising, there are many light-weight exercises they can perform at home. You can work on sitting and standing in a proper posture, walk with straight shoulders, and avoid crouching.

  1. No Mental Stimulation

Neglecting mental wellbeing can make you feel lonely and depressed at times. You might perform fewer mind stimulating activities in the golden years or stick to particular tasks. After a hard day of caregiving, many people may watch TV.

However, you should add a few mentally-stimulating activities in your everyday routine like brain games on your smartphone or tablet, read a book, or spend a few hours learning a new hobby.

  1. Adverse Dietary Decisions

It is important for family caregivers to look after their physical health to stay strong, active, and vigilant in your caregiving. Besides eating fruits and vegetables daily, eat according to your routine and the amount of work you do every day helping your senior loved one.

There is a simple rule of halves which means half the satisfaction of eating occurs in the first bite and is lowered by half with every next bite.

  1. Unnecessary Stress

Stress and anxiety is common among some family caregivers which may enhance body inflammation and metabolic disturbances. You should identify the things or situations that may trigger stress or anxiety and try on lowering it. Whenever you feel stressed or burnout, try to take deeper breaths in a yoga pose, meditate, or activities which relaxes you.

  1. Change in Attitude

Research shows stable brain functions reflects your overall body health. Some family caregivers perform every household task for their senior loved one which may put them at risk of caregiver burnout. Don’t neglect your inner voice and try to cut back negative emotions as much as you can. If you need emotional support, reach out to a friend or join a support group to release bottled up emotions.

  1. Substance Abuse

According to studies, drinking small amounts of wine may provide some health benefits such as lowering depression or enhancing longevity. However, alcohol can be harmful for you if consumed in massive amounts. Avoid second hand smoke which is as bad as smoking cigarettes daily. Asthma attacks, cancer, or respiratory infections may be caused by second hand smoke.

  1. Chemical Contaminants

It’s unfortunate that we can’t do much about the environment, but make sure to minimize your exposure to chemicals while at home. Use a water filter and refrain from using aerosol cleaning and beauty products.

  1. Pill-Popping

Poly-pharmacy can be a problem for many adults and it gets worse with age. Medications are helpful for managing certain conditions but can do more harm in the long run, it is necessary to know what medications you are taking and why you are taking it.

Many conditions can be managed by changing lifestyle rather than going for a heavy dose of medications. Consult your doctor if there is a way to safely decrease your dosage, or quit a prescription altogether.

Author Bio

Alexis Rodgers is a passionate writer and loves dogs. He has been writing since his teenage and now enjoying a flourishing career with Home Care Assistance of Bethlehem. Alexis’s writings are a clear reflection of his love for people that emit strong vibes of positivity to let others know there is light and hope to find happiness in even the little things in life.